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Will sharing of river waters between states become a national issue in the long run? Read on and participate in this discussion.
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    What could be permanent solution for interstate water disputes in India?

    Are inter-state water disputes creating rift among different states? Are the people getting divided on regional issues? Should we be thinking of curbing such situations by implementing some practical policies? This issue has gained lot of importance and public attention with the Supreme Court order on the Cauvery water sharing issue between Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, while Mullaperiyar is still on the headlines.

    Nowadays, we are seeing ugly scenes in the states of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka over Cauvery water issue. Interstate water disputes in India are not restricted to these states but exists all over India. Inter state water dispute tribunals are not effective in finding out amicable solutions to such disputes. Even if the honorable Supreme Court gives an order, people are agitating against it. Because of water issues, people are attacking other state people, who are residing in their state. It is an alarming situation and it is against our freedom to reside and settle in any part of India. In this context, what could be a permanent solution for interstate water disputes in India?
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    Water disputes between the neighboring states has been the repeated happenings in our country and the reason for that being wherein the rivers which take birth in a particular state stop its flowing down the stream by constructing big dams and reservoirs and thus the legitimate right of other neighboring state which is also eligible for share water is denied and that is becoming a heated exchange of words and even destroying properties. The best way to curb this menace is to link all the rivers where ever possible and no state should be allowed to construct any dams further.
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    The permanent solution for interstate water disputes in India is that people and the states should change their mentality and should abide by the law.If people do not understand the the need of others and do not respect the other state people. Govt. should take strict action against the state and the criminals. As suggested by Mr.K Mohan"The best way to curb this menace is to link all the rivers where ever possible and no state should be allowed to construct any dams further." is also right.
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    Possible action has been taken by the Government with regard to the interstate river water disputes. On the eve of the reorganization of states on linguistic basis, the Interstate River Water Disputes Act, 1956 was passed by the Parliament to resolve such disputes which may arise in future.

    With the increase in population and growing developmental activities, the water requirement of the states is increasing. The demand of upstream states for water for activities like irrigation, drinking, industrial uses, hydropower generation, recharging of ground water etc. is increasing day by day. On the other hand, due to ecological imbalances, the availability of water is diminishing due to lean rainfall etc.

    As long as, the states are being ruled by the different regional political parties of various hues and colors, such ugly scenes like what is happening in the Bengaluru cannot be ruled out entirely. The only possible though improbable solution appears to be a scenario when the entire country is ruled by a single political party with an absolute majority at center as well as in all the states.

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    But Kailash sir we have seen ugly scenes when Congress was present both at Center and in Andhra Pradesh. They created differences among Telugu speaking people itself and forget about differences among different language people. Regarding giving Special Status to Andhra Pradesh, Central Congress leaders argue that it should be given to Andhra Pradesh but their Chief Minister in Karnataka will oppose it.
    Supreme Court orders are to be followed by everyone irrespective of parties. Is that happening? Then how can we claim that if a single party is present at the Center and states will solve all the issues including Water disputes.

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    Our strength is our weakness also. The cultural and linguistic diversity is though a matter of pride on one hand but at the same time it creates hurdles in a seamless cohesion and having a single ideology. The diversity only has resulted in the creation of so many political parties. The hardcore politicians have no genuine interest in resolving the issues and disputes. Instead, they tend to fish in the troubled water.

    Keeping the fire of the interstate river water issue burning is a typical example of fishing in troubled water. This is such a fire which cannot be doused with water, rather in such cases the water fuels the fire.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    If AP CM Chandrababu Naidu could link the Godavari and Krishna for the first time in the history of India. then why not Tamil Nadu and Karnataka do their best to identify those rivers which are falling in to the ocean as waste and that could be diverted and tapped for irrigation and thus the pressure to depend on Cauvery solely would be distanced by both the states. I know it would be long time and costly affair but a start can be made and surely the people would also support such projects through special tax or surcharge to augment for the project cost. Hope my suggestion goes to the ears of TN and Karnataka CM s.
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    Godavari river has surplus water because there are very few dams on that river now. But both Krishna and Cauvery rivers are fully utilized. There is hardly any water that goes to Bay of Bengal from these rivers except during floods. Maharashtra, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh are trying to build more projects of Godavari river also. So, after sometime, there won't be surplus water from Godavari river also. So, we are left with only one perennial river that is Ganga. Can Ganga river cater the needs of all the states from North to South if major rivers are interconnected? I doubt.

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    Yes BRN , your suggestion hold good. Even the Former President APJ Abdul Kalam initiated this idea to divert the over flowing Ganga towards the parched Southern states and thus have the end to the regular disputes between the four states on water.
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    Permanent solution is self responsibility, living with moral and consciousness about nature.
    Water has been portrayed as goddess , mother, sacred element etc from historic era. By giving such importance our ancestors symbolized the vitality of water, the source of all living.
    Now, a state shall fight with other in sharing water. After some years, there won't be any water in the basin/origin to fight with each other.
    Sometimes they shall build walls to block movements of clouds :).
    Just imagine, if there is plenty of rainfall there won't be any for a dam.
    Politicians, the ultimate decision makers should : bring strict legislation against deforestation and conservation of wet land forests, promote for more education and training in nature conservation, encourage people to plant more trees by introducing reward systems etc.
    But, since we have already disturbed the ecosystem restoration will consume time.
    Hence, the agencies should work on immediate and long term measures simultaneously for permanent solution.

    Since I already discussed long term plans, propose the following short term solutions.
    a. restricting deep water plants/ well / motors
    b. introduce modern irrigation methods to reduce water wastage
    c. temporarily switch from paddy cultivation to other drought tolerable export crop cultivation and import rice till the water restoration project over. this is to protect farmers from financial lost.
    d. deepen the water reserves.
    e. Conserve more rain water

    ** desalinization might not be a good solution considering it's long term effect in increasing mineral content in sea water.

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    Water the Elixir is going to be a cause of war in the coming age. Its said water can be cause of next world war.
    Countries have now started storing water for the future in underground storage.
    Permanent solution for disputes over water is awareness of patriotism and bringing the oneness feeling of India.
    Civil orientation and activities should be perpetual and not for a cause alone.
    Authorities should provide the solutions for raising the problems

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    Real farmers will not create trouble for neighbouring farmer. A real farmer knows the value of water needed for farming. I have seen in villages how water flows from one plot to another, one field to another etc. The water should be available on time, at right quantum and should not stay there more than needed. So oe cannot usurp water and deny another farmer. Water was shared peacefully and systematically by farmers in earlier days. There was no war fought or people killed and rioted for water disputes.
    The dispute came only after full time politicians took over these things.
    Let the water dispute be settled by real farmers from the riparian states and with expert irrigation engineers. The matter will be easily solved. No political person should be allowed to interfere. If any one instigate that person should be incarcerated and boycotted by people.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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    This thread is a very important one, which require a thorough discussion and study. A suggestion seen above is linking all possible rivers. Rivers are not merely carrying water. Each river is an ecosystem by itself, such that mixing any two will be inviting ecological problems. This could be destruction of certain varieties of fish or other water living organisms. Mixing of water can also influence the quality of water. Always the quality of water is based on the area through which it flows. The vegetation on the banks of one river need not be the same as that on another river bank. These are certain easily identifiable differences. Several other differences also can be there.
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