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    Do you know that water too can burn things?

    Are you surprised to see the title? Yes. It is a fact that water too can burn things. I am talking about the Cauvery water that has burnt many Luxury buses, transports, shops and materials in Bangalore. Kannadikas are not ready to honour and respect the verdict of the Supreme court. Tamils are in trouble in Karnataka due to Cauvery water issue.

    Is it not Cauvery burning? What is your views and comments about the war for water between Karnataka and Tamilnadu? What could be the solution to resolve this water issue?

    Cauvery burns two
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    Wow what a nice heading which attracted me instantly to visit this post. Yes Cauvery has been the epicenter of strained relation between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Over the years, Karnataka has been denying water share to Tamil Nadu in spite of courts intervention. That is nothing but arrogance and upper handed attitude of Karnataka. The people of both the states are punished for the ego attitude of leaders at the helm. When Telangana government can have amicable settlement of disputes with Maharastra, why not Jaya have some amicable settlements with Karnataka and vice versa. Nothing is impossible through dialogue. But I was surprised when Karnataka CM requested the intervention of PM on the issue and the PMO has turned down the request. This shows the ego problem exists between the states and the center also not interested to intervene when there is definite court order.
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    This problem is due to un-statesman like attitude both from Ms. Jayalalitha, the CM of Tamilnadu, and Mr. Siddharamaya, the CM of Karnataka. Both are fanning trouble for their narrow, parochial interests.
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    Latest update: The protest has claimed the first life. One person has been killed in police firing.Curfew has been imposed in Bengaluru. It is also a matter of concern that retaliatory violence has also started started in Chennai and Tamilnadu.

    The situation is not good.

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