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    16-year old girl earns £50,000 suggesting English baby names to Chinese parents!

    Beau Jessup, a 16-year-old from Gloucestershire, went to a trip to China. There she was asked by an expecting Cinesecouple to suggest a baby name. This is when the novel idea first struck her. After some research on her part, she noticed the high demand for English names for Chinese babies.

    That was all the motivation Beau Jessup needed to start the website, where she suggests English baby names , something which, in addition to traditional Chinese names, is considered important to Chinese parents with children.

    The website asks parents to first select their child's gender, and their aspirations for the child. A list of three name suggestions, including some odd ones like Cinderella and even Gandolf (!), then follow. The idea and the website have definitely been a hit; there are 2,21,000 parents using the service, and the website has managed to draw £16,000 (British Pound) a month in sales which makes the total to date a £48,000 (approx).

    Now Ms. Jessup is planning to finance her higher studies from her earnings from the website.
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    Wow what a way to self finance her own studies. One must draw inspiration from the child like Beau Jessup for hitting upon the Idea of English related Chinese names which gone famous with child expecting couples of Chinese and thus Jessup is reaping money as the sun shines. We normally think that we cannot earn money through on line. This is one more testimony to prove that provided we have a definite and sure plan to help others, there would be sure and continued response to our endeavor. Such people are trendsetter for the future generation to think differently.
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    #578551: Every person who is creative (in any field) can earn money in the present economic scenario. The ideas are important.
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    Chinese language and culture are very rich. Earlier the Chinese people used to be said to be 'behind the bamboo curtain'. Because of the language barrier they were sort of isolated from the rest of the world. Learning English language was discouraged in the China and mostly pirated editions of famous science and technology textbooks translated in the Chinese language were used by the students in the universities.

    However, with the advent of the internet, outside world became accessible to the Chinese people and many of them started immigrating to the western countries for studies and jobs. Many of them got settled there, married and with the blessings of the God, children were born in due course. Such people used to face cultural challenges in the western world including those related to their names. Their names sound similar to the people in the western world which necessitated opting for a new English name. In the USA, most the Chinese student select one English name in addition to their original Chinese name.

    Nowadays, even in India, many people are researching on internet for selecting a unique name for their newly born kids.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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