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    Are NEWS apps the best replacement for the Newspapers?

    Nowadays Mobile Technology is ruling the entire world. After the advent of the smartphones, the entire world is brought inside a single mobile phone. Lot of new mobile applications are being launched in the mobile world to meet the needs of the users. The mobile applications related to NEWS and the NEWS channels are used widely nowadays. In the olden days, during the morning time people used to sit in front of tea shops and will discuss about the hot topics in the newspapers. The working people will carry the newspapers when they leave for work and will read the newspaper during their travel time. Such scenes are very rare to our sight nowadays. Newspaper readers still do exist in the world. But as per the current trend, many people don't prefer to buy newspapers because the people are very busy in running towards their work and many don't have time to read newspapers. Instead of reading the newspapers in the morning, the people are using NEWS apps in their mobile phones and are getting instant updates about the happenings in the outside world.

    Compared to the Newspapers, the NEWS apps owned by the leading newspaper publishers and the NEWS channels provide updates more frequently in a faster manner.

    What is your opinion about the NEWS apps? Are you using any NEWS apps in your mobile phone?

    What is your preferred mode of reading the daily NEWS- Newspapers or NEWS Apps?

    Share your opinions.
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    The requirement or news appetite of all the individuals is not alike. There are people who don't bother to know about news and current developments from any source. Few are interested in only knowing the weather conditions or results of cricket matches. On the contrary, there are many people who spend hours on reading a newspaper including the classified advertisements and tender notices after finishing the main news stories.

    In Government offices, reading newspapers has become a ritual to kill the time and keeping away from the designated duties. Many find other applications of old newspapers e.g. for lining the almirah shelves which cannot be achieved through the news apps.

    Newspapers provide a detailed analysis of an event together an editorial which helps many students in preparing for coveted competitive examinations and interviews. Thus depending on the user's individual requirements, different modes of getting news are used.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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