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    Has there been any change in point allocation system in respect of forum responses?

    Today, I posted my response #578573 on the following thread -

    It is seen that only 3 points are allocated to the above response. Having worked in the forum section for quite some time, I have somewhat become aware of the point allocation system and based on my experience, I can say that 5 points should have been allocated to the said response by default depending on the size of response.

    However, since only 3 points are allocated, I am raising my following question -

    Has there been any change in point allocation system in respect of forum responses?
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    I too wonder to see 3 points for kailash for his response which has 173 words, and 5 points to Partha's message which has just 157 words only. Certainly, something is wrong somewhere at ISC. ISC should look into this serious injustice done to Mr. Kailash by the automated point awarding system.
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    If the author chose to investigate the points being scored by him and others in the recent past, the forum section is also edited very fast and irrelevant responses are distilled to get few points. Even the previous posts are being edited and one of the member who over took me in the forum super star has suffered heavy loss of points and his tally in decreasing. Even in the article section the old posts are removed and thus the members who contributed articles in past are getting many points cut in their profiles. Even though automated system gives five points for detailed answer, the editors have right to increase or decrease the same.
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    I request the ME of ISC to enlighten me about the query raised. In case it is due to any technical glitch then the case may be referred to the Webmaster for further necessary action.
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    Mr Kailash, there is no change in policy. As you are aware, editors do look into contents posted and they can review the points allotted automatically. To be specific about your response in the thread under reference, I would like to say that your points were reduced taking into consideration the relevance of your content in the context of the question asked. Let me make it clear that one need not start from the Mughal invasions when a question is specifically about the British rule.

    ISC is no doubt an educational site but let us be aware of the requirements. Editors do keep a watch and we have no other way but to reduce points when we find repeated irrelevant contents being posted. You have been hovering around the same point for a few days and hence I thought it would be better to be straight (now please don't say that I am reading between the lines).

    Though you have requested ME of ISC to respond @ 578688, I am taking the privilege (well knowing that I might face some criticism) with the hope that my response would satisfy your query leaving no doubts for creation of future threads in the same lines!

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    Saji - It is alright. I got my answer. You may now consider locking this thread.
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