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    Do you find any differences between politicians and industrialists?

    My question is to not point out any particular politician and industrialist. As per my experience and knowledge many political leaders and industrialists in Odisha work together to gain financial benefit from the people. A politician who is fighting against to ban some industry in front of their people, also cheering with the industrialist to get huge fund for his personal and party election purpose. Such politicians are just like two headed snakes those are very difficult or unable to catch. Innocent people don't know the tactics of the leaders and they spent their whole time in strikes and fighting against the industry for their lands. I didn't found any humanity among the industrialists who create their image with CSR like activities but have more knowledge then the politicians and do everything on backstage through the local leaders. What do you say on this concert?
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    Simple difference is this: -
    Industrialists have Money power to acquire muscle power, whereas Politicians have Muscle power to acquire money.

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    The basic difference between an industrialist and a politician is that the former has money power i.e. wealth whereas the later acquires the power to create newer avenues of creating wealth by making/amending regulatory laws after coming in power i.e. becoming a minister. Thus they complement each other.

    However, traversing up to the point to become a minister is not easy. Besides, other things, it requires money also. Naveen Patnaik, the present Chief Minister of Odisha is the son of the former Chief Minister Biju Patnaik who himself was an industrialist. Thus he was a two-in-one personality.

    Many industrialists don't indulge themselves directly in the politics and use others to work for them as a paid employee. Generally, industrial families finance all the political parties as they know very well that the outcome may tilt in the favor of either.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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