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    This is time to make changes in our reservation system?

    In India we are having cast based reservation system in education and jobs in public sector. Cast based reservation system was introduced to uplift some of the backward casts of India. But after what happen is our politicians used it as their vote bank to get elected. And look at the current situation almost 49% quota has been reserved by so called minority casts in every state of India.
    Here is the time for us to rethink our position on cast based reservation system. What we have achieved through this reservation system in these years? Hundreds of questions comes in my mind regarding this and putting some of them here.
    01. We are having reservation for some casts where they are getting benefits for all the years after independence. Still they are getting or want to get benefited why? I mean after providing more than 60 years of benefit of reservation to some casts and still they are not come out of backward class then what is meaning of having reservation system?
    02. India is country of diversity. We talk about unity in diversity but we do not have it. We have many religions and casts in India and the poverty. There is no cast in India where we will not find poverty. Then what was need of introducing reservation based on cast rather than financial / economic situation of people.
    03. People have suffered more because of cast based reservation over benefits. Think about it that if 49% seats for admission in educational institute has been reserved for some casts and out of 51% seats rest of the students have fight. Student who are actually having good academic record are getting demotivated because of this system.
    Let us discuss the issue here openly and save our country from the further loss from previously made mistake.
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    Irrespective of the merits of the arguments proferred by the author of the thread, the actual action will require a constitutional amendment which will involve passing the bill by two-third majority by both the houses and subsequent ratification by at least 50% of the state assemblies. The question, therefore, is as to who will bell the cat.

    No political party in India will ever dare to talk anything about the abolition of the reservation system as the people deriving benefits of reservation policy form a formidable vote bank. The political party who even dares to hint about it, is bound to get wiped out of the scene.

    Thus it appears too naive and amateurish to talk about abolition of reservation policy in India.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    In India we can talk on any subject and that wont have any reaction that much but when this topic of reservation is raked up, you will be bombarded with more responses in support of reservations. In this regard I would blame Dr Ambedkar who never specified the particular period for which these so called reservations should be extended. Initially it was for 10 years after Independence and in every successive elections the Congress went on extending the reservations with the eye on vote bank and thus it has become a permanent feature and that cannot be erased or brought down. Even courts have turn down the liberal reservations announced by the Congress government during YSR Regime. He proposed 4 percent exclusive reservation for Minorities for which the court has turn down. And thus Congress always escapes the promise under the pretext of court order but other governments are in a fix to follow the same promise ?
    K Mohan
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    I agree by the views expressed by the previous two authors.Discussion and debate is not useful to stop reservation.All OC has to come together for nation wise agitation.It is vote bank politics and can not be removed easily.we can press the govt to convert the reservation from caste base to economic base.
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    India is a country where most of the amendment is in the hands of politicians. If General category people unite and do dharna or any sort of protest, then government might think about removing reservation, otherwise, there is no chance.

    It is a proven fact that reservation is not helping anyone. Instead, it has become a tool to divide people and win elections. Everyone thinks that if they vote for a person from his/her caste, then it will benefit them in getting a government job or any other benefit.

    If we look at the population of India then OBCs constitute the maximum population with 41% of total India. General category population is about 30%. Rest are SC/ST category people. Therefore, doesn't look bad according to the population. In fact, OBCs are at loss because only 27% reservation is available to them, in spite of 41% population.

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    The issue has been discussed time and again.The reservations was initially for 15 years, but the vote-hungry short-sighted politicians have almost made the reservation a permanent feature. Not only that, many more communities are being brought under the aegis of reservation every year. More and more complex and complicated features like 'creamy layer', 'Most Backward Class', etc. are coming into existence. As a result,the quality in Govt. suffers. Not only that, the efficient employees have to work overtime to hide the drawbacks of such employees who join and get promotion because of reservation. I am saying this from my personal experience.

    Time has come to grant reservation on the basis of economic criterion, and nothing else. A movement in this direction has become overdue.

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    In our constitution, reservation was provided for economically and socially backward communities. Here it is to note that social backwardness is different from economic backwardness. Two different castes of same economic backgrounds may get different treatment especially in villages. To uplift the socially and economically backwards and to bring them in main stream of society, reservation system was must at that time. Now, it should be reviewed in the present scenario and suitable amendments needs to be done according to the prevailing situation. Today 49.5% seats are reserved for various categories nationwide (Few states have more % too) and approximately 85% of our population is in reserved category. In democracy any amendment in constitution requires two third majority. If any political party want to make any amendments in this regard, it must be done cautiously otherwise that party can go to ditches, as it will lose the confidence of 85% population straightway. Therefore, it is the time for the beneficiaries to rethink and decide whether the benefits of reservation is really reaching to the needy people of their own caste. In every caste, the creamy layer of same caste is snatching the benefits of reservation and in turn denying the benefits to the needy one. Government has to start awareness programme in reserved category castes and persuade them to come forward for their own brethren and leave the benefits for downtrodden of the society. It has been done in case of OBCs. And the bill can be passed that the reservation will be granted for a definite number of times to the beneficiaries. Then slowly in due course of time each and every citizen of India will get benefit of reservation and after that it can be stopped for ever

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    Recently, the Ministry of Social Justice has announced to review the definition of 'creamy layer' and raise the existing annual income limit of 6 lakh per annum to Rs. 8 lakh per annum. Presently there is 27% reservation for OBC who don't come under creamy layer. Many posts reserved for the OBC category used to remain vacant due to the constraints of creamy layer definition.

    Thus it can be seen that the Government is reviewing and taking action also from time to time but only for strengthening the reservation system, not for diluting it.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    As Mr. Alok Kumar has said people of two different castes of same economic backgrounds are not getting treated the same way even if they come under same category. I mean to say, there is caste wise discrimination in each category itself. Until, we respect each caste equally, in my opinion, it will be very difficult to remove the reservation system from our society as the reservation system was initially introduced based on social discrimination and not on economic discrepancies. Lower caste people argue that if upper caste people are ready to marry lower caste people without any hesitance, then they are ready to part away with reservation system.

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