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    Delhi is getting bitten and authorities are fogging elsewhere.

    When Kejriwal became the chief minister again then he made the statement about concentrating all his energy on development of Delhi for five years without thinking about anything else but the words and works always differ for politicians and Kejriwal is no exception. He is being busy for building a new political base in Punjab and Gujarat at the time when Delhi needs him the most, where the malaria is being neglected enough to become an epidemic. No single main party is in Delhi and many of them even are upbroad not giving a slightest hint of accountability. In this turmoil when one renowned journalist questioned about the absence of leaders from AAP to Kejriwal through Twitter then as a cliche he was assigned a certificate of validation as a true journalist from Kejriwal by referring him as a previous broker of Congress and present broker of BJP. That's not the way to show how accountable you are, I guess.
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    Natural phenomenon like weather conditions and its consequent impact on the mankind are beyond the scope of any Government. They see at a macro level and the number of deaths etc. are simply a statistical data for them. If the figure of deaths reduces from say 200 to 198, then they are likely to boast about their good work.

    In Delhi like cities, people are living worse than livestock in unauthorised inhabitations. It is not just about fogging the area. Instead, it is a question of allocating them lands for building houses in a settlement with proper sewer and drainage facilities. People grow on migrating to the urban agglomerates for getting employment/wages and settles there unauthorisedly and sadly enough die also due to unhygienic living conditions.

    In case the whole cabinet camps in the nearby area the scenario is not likely to transform overnight. Even if a scheme of allotment of the houses in Delhi to such people is introduced, the situation is not likely to improve as then half on the rural India will migrate to Delhi to create new unauthorised settlements.

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    Wow what a heading chosen by the author and it indicates the pathetic condition of Delhi people who kept much hopes on AAP and now they cursing themselves for electing Kejriwal as CM as he proved nothing different from the regular parties and the nethagiri. We all know in Delhi the Trans Yamuna border colonies are affected with lots of diseases, thanks to the out break of Malaria and other water borne diseases spread through mosquitoes. Being a capital Delhi should have been the trend setter in this regard but for Kejriwal he wants to have multi state presence of AAP and thus concentrating his election chances in Punjab and Gujarat. He must know that both the states are having educated and well versed in election trials and they know the true colors of AAP and Kejriwal as Day in day out his party MLS's are arrested and the Party is sinking popularity wise. It is better Kejriwal concentrate in Delhi and leave the elections to his chance.
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