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    Are too many holidays in school affecting the education of a child?

    Children love holidays very much. Apart from weekly holidays if they get any additional holiday/s in a month, they're very happy. However, due to certain reasons like excessive rains and summer, strikes, and some natural causes schools get banned for a long time. Such infrequent holidays hamper children education harshly. It also create burden on teachers to complete their courses as soon as possible before their tests/exams. Due to which children are unable to go through the subjects properly and revise thoroughly. What you say are too many holidays in school really affect children education?
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    Not only children but the employees who work for others on payment basis also rejoice such extra holidays. However, the businessmen and self-employed people don't like or welcome such holidays as it directly affects their income. The same applies in the case of schools and students also. The students should be self-students and continue their studies irrespective of the fact whether the school is open or closed.

    Normally all serious students are bogged down with the pending homework and such other studies related issues. In such cases, the extra holidays may prove a boon for them to clear the backlog. They may utilize the time for revision of lessons or for practicing old question papers etc.

    Since there is no solution to the prevailing scenario, it is better to think positive and starve to derive all possible benefits instead of lamenting over the same.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Well I do not think that too many holidays will affect the education and students are not put in to inconvenience. Please note that each teacher of a particular class are advised to prepare a lesson plan for the year taking into consideration of all public holidays and also make provisions for certain political turmoil forced closures. And thus the lessons are taught as per the plan and the students wont loose any class or subject. In Hyderabad the lesson plan method is followed and some lead days are also given to augment for any special leave given by the local government.
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