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    Do changes occur in the quality of contents posted by the members when their member level changes?

    Compared to the newly joined members, the veteran ISCians are likely to throw better light on the subject matter of the thread. The basic question is - do changes occur in the quality of contents posted by the members when their member level changes.

    I may be wrong but it appeared to me in one case that after entering into the diamond club, one particular member started behaving in a more patronising manner i.e. offering more advice and guidance etc. to the other members.

    Leaving apart the obvious changes due to accumulated experience etc., are there other possibilities of discernible changes e.g. improvement in the quality of language or depth of thoughts etc.
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    Yes, there is a lot of changes found after reaching a certain level. At first the writer's skill of expression and writing changes according the site's importance or prior subject of discussions. Second thing s/he also give additional information and advices to other new members. Such practices are often in ISC too that I think must be inculcated by every member or author.
    Naresh Kumar
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    Some changes are perceptible because of attainment of certain levels. This may be due to the fact that one has been able to influence the inquestive readers with one's matured idea to exert influence on the mind of readers. Change of level leading to one's elevation creates confidence and this stage helps one to contribute significantly.

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    I wont agree with the author in this matter. Those who are regular and habituated to raising and responding in this site particularly in this forum are about to maintain same zeal and courage whether they reach new level of their membership here. No doubt progressing member level is the pride aspect for every one here but that wont interfere with the regular activities of them here. As far as I am concerned my way of attitude, writing and behavior stands same in different kinds of level and one thing which improved is my speed of typing in this box which was better than past and I appreciate ISC for that.
    K Mohan
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