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    Does loose talk by celebrities in television or social media haunts them as after math effects ?

    We all know that Kapil Sharma , comedian of different lot has the niche for himself to have dig at anything instantly and during his comedy show he pointed out on PM's slogan on Ache din and also revealed that he had to shell down bribe for getting BMC permission to construct his home in Mumbai. His tweet has prompted PMO office to react and thus BMC has taken the revelations very serious and it is after Kapil Sharma to name the officer demanded bribe and also issued notice to him for encroachment of government land and thus this episode proves that those who are celebrities they should not tweet anything against the government.
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    Yes, I agree that it would have been better had the Kapil Sharma not tweeted about the bribery matter. Instead, in case there was any substance in his allegations, he would have approached the next higher authority together with verifiable evidence.

    All celebrities are supposed to be like Caesar's wife i.e. above any kind of suspicion as the people look toward them and many try to follow or emulate them.

    Comedy should not be mixed with law. The law can never be taken light-heartedly. It is a very serious matter, rather offence to accuse any public authority of demanding bribe without proof.

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