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    The attraction behind eating organic food

    Organic food is becoming very popular. How much do we benefit from eating organic food ? When compared to the conventional food products available in the market the price we pay for organic food products is very high. Do organic food products have more nutrients than the conventional food products ? Is it true that no chemicals are used in the agricultural processes where organic food is grown ? There is no major difference in the nutrient quality between organically and conventionally produced food products. Also people trust that whatever is labeled as organic will definitely be organic even without asking for a test or verification. When 33% of the world's population is suffering from hunger people forget about them and pay more to buy organic food without even knowing whether it is a 100% organic product. We can buy what is produced by the local farmers and help them without getting carried away by the organic label.
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    Its all about having faith in one name which is organic, actually people buy organic foods just to make fool his/her mind that whatever they are buying and eating is good for their health. People just do things which they thinks that others also do and in that process they just follow other person without knowing that whatever they are having is good or not. People are having mindset that whatever comes with the name of Organic has too be 100% organic, but reality is little bit different.
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    If we discuss whether the food is 100% organic ( which is being sold with the brand of 100% organic) there might not be any solution, as buyer does not know the area whether the organic food cultivated and can not visit the place before buying.
    But if we discuss whether it is good or not, then obviously although we pay little extra money but we get good foods. As due to pesticides and fertilizers, the food get grow before the time come, and due to this chemical we face lots of problems like gastric, acidity, cancer etc.
    Now days garden farming getting very much popular, as we can plant cucumber, tomatoes ,brinjals etc in our garden or roof top and there we can use bio-compost as fertilizers.

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    When shopping for edible products the last thing on my mind is whether the local farmer will make a living selling his produce. To be honest, I never think of that aspect of the retail chain. My purpose of shopping is limited to buying fresh products that are healthy and available at a competitive price.

    I am 'guilty' of buying organic products (whenever I can) and I do not see it as a 'crime'. Organic products do nothing to raise my social status, but yes they do provide me and mine, safer nutrition. Organic products are also better for the environment, as no pesticides/insecticides are used during cultivation. They are also free from preservatives and harmful waxes, used to prolong the shelf life of conventional farm products. Why eat harmful chemicals when it can be avoided?

    The taste and texture of organically grown fruits and vegetables are different from chemically grown products. I was into growing organic vegetables and fruits on a terrace garden, so I know the benefits of eating organic stuff. Now, I shop for organic food products at a local farm, just a few kilometres from my place.

    How do I know what I buy is 100% organic? Organic farmlands must be certified by the Indian National Programme for Organic Production (INPOP) that falls under the aegis of Agricultural and Processed Food Product Export Development Authority (APFPEDA). This is a regulatory body that assesses organic units (farmlands and post-harvest units) before issuing the necessary certificate. So, I look for the certification label on the product being marketed.

    As far as fighting poverty goes I am sure there are different ways of addressing the problem without having to compromise with our health and the environment.

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    I will post my free and frank opinion in this regard. I personally feel that eating organic food is nothing but a fad. Organic food is much more costly and the reliability/authenticity of the certificate that this particular item is organic, is always doubtful. Some companies are trying to espouse the cause of organic foods for business purpose and some wealthy people, who can afford to purchase common food items at inflated price, fall prey to these tactics.

    Of course, this is my personal opinion.

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    Eating organic food is really good for health. Organic food is free from all chemicals, pesticides, and the components which are very harmful to health. Organic food is grown by the farmers without using any types of fertilizers , chemicals, pesticides. These chemicals and pesticides enters in human body through food and causes many types of diseases in long run.

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    Partha, it is not about wealthy people being able to afford it. It is about prioritising things - I would rather invest in my health and that of my family, rather than investing in gold etc.

    I buy produce directly from the farm. There are not many options of what you can buy - they grow limited varieties of fruits and vegetables - so, I buy what I can from the farm and pick up other veggies from a regular grocery store. Organic rice is sold at the farm too. The prices are reasonable. Chemical ridden vegetables are available at the same price in the market.

    It is only when the produce exchanges many hands and middlemen begin adding their profit that the price goes up. If it is bought at the source then it is much cheaper.

    There are places near Gurugram and near the Mehrauli stretch where organic produce can be bought very cheap. Alternatively, one can visit the 'mandi' and pick supplies. I know of people who form groups and make weekly trips to their local wholesale vegetable market/adjoining villages for good bargains.

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    "There are places near Gurugram and near the Mehrauli stretch where organic produce can be bought very cheap."-Earlier I used to stay at Dwarka Sector-22 in my own flat. The farms were located very near to my residence at Dwarka. I think I will try my luck with organic food products next time when I would go to meet my tenant.
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    To be candid, I am personally not confident about the quality of products offered as 'organic products' in the Gurugram area.

    There is a body known as the Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India which implements the National Programme for Organic Production (NPOP). The national program NPOP covers accreditation for certification bodies, standards for organic production, promotion of organic farming etc. for export purposes. Organic products are exported to many countries including European Union countries, US, Canada, Switzerland, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, South East Asian countries, Middle East, South Africa etc.

    The products have to be genuine organic products for deriving its benefits if any. In a country where synthetic milk is produced, sold, bought and consumed by the users, getting genuine organic products may be just a matter of chance and dedicated efforts only.

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    Well getting pure organic food items or agriculture produce has become difficult because there are cheaters in this line too to fool the public. The other day i was watching a video where in the Bendi or Ladies finger is being produced through organic farming and the demand was more for that. But actually the color of the vegetable made to see more green through a chemical process and thus after soaking for some minutes the ladies fingers are so new and shining and one will not get any doubt. So we should be careful and trust only those who are well versed on organic farming and not everyone.
    K Mohan
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    Kailash and Mohan, It is easy to let our biases decide for us.

    While I agree that adulteration and cheating is rampant, there are ways of verifying whether what you are buying is organic or not. With practice one comes to differentiate between organic and conventional produce. The former is generally not as perfectly formed as the latter. The produce is also not uniform in shape and size. It lacks the glossiness of conventionally farmed products. The colour of the produce is not as vivid as conventionally grown products.

    If you Google – 'first organic food market gurgaon' your search will probably show you news reports of the same.

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    My view is this is just humbaq as the same is a created one by some people wantonly. Who asked the farmers to use fertilizers etc., and now screaming that they are using chemicals etc., Who encourage such farmers to use chemicals? My relative one old lady in the year 1973 itself warned us not to use pressure cookers to prepare rice and instead advised to cook the rice in open pot/vessel as it removes all chemicals into vapour out . But we set aside her advice and now running behind the person who advised to use organic foods that too we people believes this if told by Americans or told in English language only they are considering or screaming. My view is to eat our own food without changing the style and do have a good health.

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