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    The attraction behind eating organic food

    Organic food is becoming very popular. How much do we benefit from eating organic food ? When compared to the conventional food products available in the market the price we pay for organic food products is very high. Do organic food products have more nutrients than the conventional food products ? Is it true that no chemicals are used in the agricultural processes where organic food is grown ? There is no major difference in the nutrient quality between organically and conventionally produced food products. Also people trust that whatever is labeled as organic will definitely be organic even without asking for a test or verification. When 33% of the world's population is suffering from hunger people forget about them and pay more to buy organic food without even knowing whether it is a 100% organic product. We can buy what is produced by the local farmers and help them without getting carried away by the organic label.
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    There are two separate things to be considered. First is the nutrients of the food item concerned and the second is the contaminants which trickle in the product through use of chemical fertilizers, polluted water used in its irrigation and the external pollutants available in the surroundings and through sprinkled chemicals like pesticides etc.

    The plants are sown as tiny seeds and subsequently they grow as a plant or a tree by taking essential ingredients from soil, water, manures or fertilizers and atmosphere. The heavy metals present in the chemical fertilizers and water used for irrigation enters into the plant and finally goes inside the human body when ingested and causes its adverse effects. Nowadays, vegetables etc. are being artificially enlarged by use of oxytocin-like hormones and such other chemicals.

    Thus the organic food items are supposed to be better than the normal food items provided they are grown using uncontaminated bio-manures and uncontaminated water in an atmosphere which is free of pollutants.

    I do agree that it is more like a fad of those who have paying capacity to distinguish themselves from the masses. It is more akin to flaunting one's buying capacity.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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