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    Do people use post-cards and inland letters nowadays?

    During my childhood and younger days most of the people used post-cards and inland letters to communicate with others (friends and relatives) residing at distant places. Post-cards and inland letters were extremely cost-effective and I have seen that many people including my father used to write even minutest details in post-cards and inland letters. When little bit of secrecy was necessary, inland letters were used. Even I used to write to my parents, brother and sister using post-cards and inland letters from Delhi regularly till 1996. In 1996, STD was installed in our Calcutta phone and we gradually discontinued writing letters. And nowadays I talk to my parents twice or thrice everyday, because the call charges have come within the limit.

    Even today, post-cards and inland letters are available in Post Offices and the cost is very less, but nobody uses them. Even rural people have discontinued using these. Even if on rare cases when we write letters, we send the letters in envelopes.

    Are days of post-cards and inland letters over? Will these be discontinued in future like telegrams?
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    The internet has made the things digital and paperless. Nowadays there is nothing more cost effective than emails and there is no restriction on the length of emails. People, who can use, have switched over to the emails.

    Earlier there used to be 'Jababi Postcards' (reply postcards) also. The people who had migrated to cities for 'earning' used to write letters in reply postcards, which had two postcards joined together. The rural postman used to read the message to the illiterate family members of the individual and write the reply also after tearing the reply postcard portion.

    The size of a postcard is fixed as 14 cm × 9 cm (length and breadth). One peculiar aspect of postcards is that it can be sent within India only. Many private organisations also print their own postcards for their use. Presently - 'Meghdoot Post Cards' are also sold by the India Post. In such postcards, the portion next to the address is made available for advertisement in four colours.

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    This is true that the uses has become very less than earlier. It is because email, messaging service at mobile, other messenger are available to be in touch with friends and relatives.
    Those digital service reach at receiver with in a second as well as it is cost effective, so why a person will use post card or inland letter to write a letter.
    Still I remember my childhood days, when one of my college friend send me a letter I read it several times, as it gives me feel of her presence near by me.
    Time changes and we need to accpet the changes accordingly to stay with the time.

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    Postcards and inland letters have become a rare commodity to use. With a mobile in each and every hand, communication has become very easy. A postcard costs Rs. 1/- and the information takes a week to reach the addressee, while we have to spend only Rs. 1/- for a call or SMS to convey a message within a minute.

    However, very recently, I used postcards to inform the 16th day death ceremony of one of my relative.

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    My question is whether the post-cards and inland-letters will become obsolete or not, like telegrams.
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    These days are of Internet and everything and anything which we want to do, we do it with easy and in a speedy way. Whereas about post cards days are over or not, no doubt at all they are gone, and in the coming days I am very much sure that one day or the other the telegrams services will end, now a day we have already seen that where telegrams used to come FAX are coming, everything is made online now. Not only letters or formal papers but even the jeans and other groceries products are available online for the user to buy it.
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    I don't think that the postcards and inland letters will become obsolete in India in coming future. The case of extinction of telegraphs was different as the technology had become totally obsolete. Nowadays, India Post is offering services like eMO, iMO and eIPO etc. instead.

    It will take quite some time in the postal services becoming totally paperless. Even in developed countries like USA, still paper-based letters are in use.

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    Technology has replaced the mailing system. Nowadays email, SMS and messenger systems are used widely. During my childhood days, I used to send letters and greeting cards to my relatives via post. When I was studying, my school used to send Annual Exam results in postcards or inland letters.But now everything has changed to an instant mailing system, people are conveying their messages instantly through internet in a fraction of second. The good olden systems are slowly vanishing with the introduction of the new modern technology.Previously, people used doves to exchange their messages then they slowly moved to postal system. But now the entire world has faced a rapid development with the advent of the technology. People love to convey their messages very fast and in an easy way. So they don't prefer to use letters or postcards.

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