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    An issue can lead to a big turmoil in seconds.

    Cauvery problem between two states had crossed the diplomatic boundaries already but the people would lead their agitation against the order of the supreme judiciary was not the outcome expected. The people on both the sides from the two states are creating a havoc by harming public properties under the shield of getting emotions hurt. Tamil people are beating Kannad speaking people residing in their state and the vice versa. When asked why are they acting in such way then they just told due to cauvery issue without getting into the detail of jurisdiction. Most of the people are ignorantly doing the demonstration without the propr knowledge of any verdict and this is not the problem in these two states. Whenever an issue is brought up the people are always ready to have rods and sticks to destroy and make them feel accountable but they don't have real identity and existence according to me. The nation is full of such idiots and stupid people. Many of such try to remain ignorant and they enjoy in such reckless demonstration. When the full and precise knowledge would be pursued?
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    I think discussion about the similar subject matter is already underway on the following thread which was raised yesterday only -

    What could be permanent solution for interstate water disputes in India?

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    The same isue is being discussed in a thread raised by Mr. Bhubaneshwara Rao Nalla yesterday.
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    Cauvery issue has become annual event for the both states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala and I just cannot understand as to why the center is not intervening to stop the atrocities being committed in both the states. The Karnataka government must release press advertisements that it has released the water to TN under the order of Supreme court and one has to follow the court order. But people of Karnataka are behaving in such a manner that Cauvery waters belong to them only and they cannot part with. Such autocratic attitude of the people must be tamed and the Central government must deploy striking force to prevent damage to public properties.
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