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    Some changes suggested in Ask an expert section

    In Ask an expert section, when some one is replying the question, others response (answers) should not be visible to the answering author because in many case the author copy and modify something. The first person who gives right answer get for example 2 points and the subsequent answer gets 4 points for the 90% same answer. AN author who gives first and right answer should get maximum marks and cash credit. Subsequent answers should get less marks and so on.For example the quality of answer is same of three authors,who gives answer first should get x marks,second x-1, third x-2
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    It is a good suggestion by the author. Many a time similar and repeated answers were posted by the experts with some little differences. However there is no compromise by the editors in giving points and cash credit. I think until all the answers were approved by the editors the answers must be kept hidden to other authors. In this practice we will get some original, creative and better answers by the expert authors.
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    "... in many case the author copy and modify..."

    It is not right to accuse authors of copying and modifying answers without proof. There is no way of establishing if an author has gone through responses that have already been posted.

    There are many among us who do not resort to such cheap tactics. There is a plethora of information available in books, in newspapers, on television, and on the internet. Some of us are well read and keep abreast with what is happening around us. We share knowledge that we have accumulated. I am sure there are others who research before posting their response, but to suggest that their research is limited to only the answers that have been submitted, is quite unjust.

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    I am always in favor of any value addition in any section of the ISC. Being a regular contributor in the ask expert section, I too have noticed that in many cases, the subsequent responses are just modified versions of the previously posted answers without adding any additional information. Sometimes, only the words of the previous answers are rearranged and posted as new answers.

    Once an answer has been posted, evaluated and points/cash credits are assigned, then the subsequent answers should be rated as worthy of cash credits only when any additional fact is added. Merely repeating the already posted answers should not qualify an answer worthy for cash credits.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Kailash, if you have observed the same 'in many cases' then the best solution would be to report such contributors and ask for them to be banned from posting in the section. 'Many' hints at quite a substantial number!
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    I appreciate the author with 100 percent backing that in Ask Experts section the answers of members must be concealed and only revealed when all the answers are appended and that would make apt and right answers to the question posted. Otherwise we find invariably same answer with little modification would have been posted in the subsequent responses. There must be separate bin for every answer posted to the question and that can be opened by the author and the editor only. If such type of arrangement can be made even in forum section, this site will have further acceptance in the Internet world.
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    Let us suppose a person asks a question: "Which is the highest peak of the world?" or "I have completed Graduation from IGNOU. Am I eligible for Govt. jobs"? The correct answers would be the same. So, nobody can allege the answers given later are copies of the first answer. So, it is really very difficult to prove whether the subsequent answers are copies, or not.
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    Juana (#578657) - In my personal opinion reporting such cases to the ISC management is not likely to yield any concrete result. From the point of view of any website, the primary objective is to increase the traffic for the obvious reason. Moreover, it will be difficult to prove as to whether the author concerned knew the answer or not.

    For the sake of argument, one can say that though he/she was not knowing the answer earlier but after reading the previously posted answer, he/she came to know the answer and hence became eligible to post the answer.

    I used the word 'many' as it appeared so to me being active in ask expert section on a regular basis. I not only post answers but raise many questions also.

    Another limitation in the forum section is that in case the answer is not to the point, no rebuttal can be posted.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I agree to #578682 'not likely to yield any concrete result' because the people concerned try to convince others who raise such complaints and really made the members tired and felt bad when they happened that something is copied or even irrelevant to prove and get the approval of them. After experiencing the same, (sorry to say) I have stopped opening that section.
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    Dear members,

    I would like to throw a little light on how should the Ask Expert questions be answered and how does the point system works in the ask expert section.

    Ask expert section is a very typical one on ISC. The answers here are supposed to be specific but at the same time should be as informative as possible. Members should try to cover as much information as possible but at the same time should not divert from the main topic.

    As many of you have observed sometimes the later answers get better points. This is because there answers cover more information than the earlier ones. Editors reward answers on the basis of the amount of information contained, way of presentation and the quality of language.

    We suggest members not to repeat what is already been told by other members and instead add new information. However, some members keeping in mind the presentation aspect prefer to give complete answers and hence include the previously mentioned information too. So basically they receive good points and rewards for the additional information and their presentation not for the repetitive part.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Akanksha P.V
    Lead Editor(Ask Expert)

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    Akanksha (#578777) - Pleasing to see your enlightening response. That way your appearance in the forum section is rather rare.

    The points raised by you appear to be convincing. However, it is up to the editorial team of the ask expert section to work in a professional manner and don't accord weightage to the information repeated in the subsequent responses.

    Regarding presentation, one particular member has a habit of repeating the questionnaire also as a part of the answer making the response elongated. Will you please elucidate, if repeating the question as a part of the answer should be practiced or not.

    Also, there are few questions which are very complicated and require due research for replying. In such cases, even if the answers are not deliberately elongated, perhaps they deserve more weightage.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    #578777- My point is regarding the feature and appearance about the ask an expert section so that subsequent authors can not copy the answer of the previous responses. While writing the answer, others responses not be visible so that more knowledge can be explored.
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    Its ok if the answer is broken in sub headings or sub topics using that particular phrase from the question.

    Incase, there is any particular practise which you are finding wrong please mention the URL. The concerned editor will look into it.

    Note: Editors do not reward answers based on their length. Answers are rewarded based on the information contained in it. However, members may get confused that long answers are rewarded more because no doubt there is a direct relationship between 'the amount of information and language skills used' and 'the no. of words'. More the information naturally the length of the answer becomes more.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Akanksha P.V
    Lead Editor(Ask Expert)

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    Mr. NK SHARMA,

    Though your suggestion sounds good but more than being beneficial it will simply lead to more and more of repetitive content. Atleast when the answers are visible genuine members and good authors try to avoid the points already been covered and try to put more of new information. If the same will not be visible no body will know what all points have already been told and all of them will put the same information again and again.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Akanksha P.V
    Lead Editor(Ask Expert)

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    Locking the answers to the other members except to the author and the editors will have other consequences as well. There may be cases wherein a member could be looking for the answer himself/herself, without the intention of answering the question. What can be done in such situations?

    I would say it is best left to the decision of the editorial team. They know their work quite well.

    All the answers posted in the question carry the equal points of 2. No matter whether the answer happens to be the first or 11th, it will get 2 points initially. It is only after the approval that the points get higher along with the cc added. The editors do look for the quality and relevant information in the responses. There cannot be a first mover advantage in case of AE section. Just because one has posted the first response, he cannot be eligible for better points. It could be possible that some members can come late and know the answer better than the members who posted the answers before.

    I would suggest co members to leave it to the editorial team to decide on the proper procedure. If you find something wrong, you can always get in touch with the editors. Or better still raise the thread in forum with the relevant link.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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