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    Old photos are still not reviewed, new photos are approved. Why so?

    There are many photos in the New Submission basket since more than 20 days, not yet reviewed nor mentioned anything by the Editor. However new photos are being approved and cash credited daily. I want to know the reason from the photo editors. If they are not satisfied by the images and descriptions then let me know. I'll do alterations or remove them permanently. Just inform me, its more than the duration mentioned for editing. Thanks.
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    Whether the photos are new or old , it does not matter, ISC is more concerned with the originality of the same which loaded and hence it takes some time to pass and approve.
    K Mohan
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    All my images are own, unpublished, not reproduced, nor copied and original too. Later posted images are approved but old ones are still not reviewed. It is more than 20 days. Is it right to do edit for the latest one leaving the olds?
    Naresh Kumar
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    There may be certain reasons of out of turn editing of contents posted subsequently. After all the ISC is a venture in the private sector and the owners/Webmasters and even the members of the editorial team have their own priorities as per the laid down policies and guidelines of the website.
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    Naresh Kumar,
    We are checking this out.

    Other members are requested - for the umpteenth time - do not respond in a query thread if you are not knowing the reason. It makes no sense to make speculations of possible reasons and give pointless responses.

    Managing Editor,

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