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    Is the season of mango over?

    Earlier I thought that the season of mango is over by August. In most of the markets I could not find any mango. But during the last week or say 10 days, I am astonished to find that again a particular variety of mango is available. These mangoes are big in size (but not 'Fazli' mango of West Bengal) and the cost is in the range of Rs. 150/- to Rs. 170/- per Kilogram in the markets of Delhi. Yesterday, I purchased this variety of mango out of curiosity. However, the taste of this mango is sour and not good.

    Can any Member of ISC let me know which variety of mango is this? Is the season of mango over in North India? From where this particular variety of mango is coming to the market?
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    It could be either 'chausa' or 'langra'. Both varieties come after the mango season is waning. However, neither is sour, as described by you.

    Chausa mangoes have a bright yellow skin. They are among the most delicious mango varieties available in northern India. They have a sweet juicy pulp.

    Langra is yet another variety that comes into the market towards the end of July/August. The fruit can be identified by its green skin colour and fibrous pulp.

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    I recognise 'chausa' and 'langra' very well. The particular variety which I have purchased resembles 'langra', but the taste is different.
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    Well after reading the post I too find that, that mango might be "LANGRA AAM" and as @Partha sir is saying that its taste is different from Langra aam then I think it would be very difficult for us to distinguish that category of mango unless we see a picture of that mango. I suggest the author to attach some pictures, to make the thing easy for us to answer you. I live in Kharagpur which is in West Bengal and here we still get Langra aam, so 95% I think that mango might be a Langra aam.
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    Taking a cue from the emerging trend, the particular mango variety may not necessarily be an Indian variety. Nowadays, in the fruit market, a number of fruits imported from other countries are made available for connoisseurs. However, it looks funny to think about India, the largest producer of mangoes in the world, importing mangoes from other countries.

    Nowadays, the shelf life of mangoes has been increased by adopting modified atmospheric storage techniques e.g. mangoes when individually packed in micro-perforated PE or PP films extend the storage life up to 1 month at 8 degree centigrade, without causing chilling injury.

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