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    New members confuse points as reward points offered by credit/debit cards companies.

    I have noticed that many new authors raise threads in the forum section asking about the points awarding and cash credits features of ISC because they confuse the point earning system of the ISC with the 'reward points' system offered by banks/merchant websites. They tend to presume that after the accumulation of points, the ISC redeems the same subsequently in the form of cash though no other merchant website encashes the accumulated reward points.

    The credit/debit card companies offer reward points to prompt and encourage the customers to spend more and more. Many people shop merely for accumulating reward points only to redeem the same later.

    What are your observations in this regard? Have you also noticed such trends?
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    That is why when ever a new member raises his introduction thread here, I would like to clarify in detail that points earned here are no where connected to cash being earned here. Most of the new members get convinced on reading the responses here and still they had any doubts they do write here again. But I wont think all the members joining new would be confused as opined by the author. Our posting guidelines and the threads appearing here are all testimony of working style of this great site and the new members slowly get adjusted with this site procedure.
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    Is there any active member at present who initially mistook the point system of the ISC with the reward point system of the credit/debit/shopping cards etc.?
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    When I first joined ISC, I was under the impression that point credit and cash credit were same. However, within 1-2 days, checking the profiles of senior Members of ISC, I understood that although cash credit is related to points credit, these two are not same.
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    No I have not misunderstood point as rewards. But I don't understand how cash credit is allocated? Based on point earned for particular reply or for cash credit have different criteria and allocating points have different

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    Though new members may have some confusion between points and cash credits in ISC, I do not think they will confuse it comparing with Credit card/debit card points and rewards. At least I never ha such confusion when I joined.
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    Anju - Cash credits has no direct relationship with the points allocated. As far the forum section is concerned the points are system generated and assigned by default depending on the length i.e. word count of the thread or response subject to post review and moderation by the forum editors.

    Cash credits are awarded in the forum section by the editors while reviewing only in exceptional cases of contents of outstanding merit. The points may be reduced also. In case of contest entries etc., points may be enhanced also.

    In other sections like ask expert and articles sections, pre-scrutiny is carried out by the editors before publishing the contents. No system generated points are assigned in case of articles.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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