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    When you are at average level you have more freinds but when you march to excellence, they fade away

    It is the fact that every one of us wants to develop in our life. Some of us may be dull in the beginning , pick up slowly in the middle and even maintain average through out the life. When we are in average mode, we gets lots of friends and they try to move with us closely. But our urge to surpass others and achieve the success through sustained hard work may inch towards the excellence threshold. Having gauged this people who were with us would now do distance themselves for their own reasons. And we will be left with the dilemma too. What is your view on this situation ?
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    The friends, relatives, acquaintances and even distant family members maintain relationships for providing help, cooperation and support to each other when any such need arises. Thus the relationships are maintained for the rainy days. The poorer the individuals concerned are, the more are their requirements of interdependence. The more they become self-dependent or self-reliant, their requirement of depending on others or in other words maintaining relationships with others diminishes. Therefore, they naturally reduce their interactions with the others.

    In the villages, generally, the communities are more closely-knit together. During functions like wedding etc. in the family, they support each other by making available various essential items without any need of hiring the same from the tent house. In the cities, the people who can afford, just contact an event manager and pay him who manages everything.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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