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    Let's discuss: Is homosexuality a disorder? How should we treat the homosexuals?

    Homosexuality is romantic attraction, sexual attraction or sexual behaviour between members of the same sex or gender. It is a much debated subject all over the world. Some people think this is a crime. Some people feel that this a sin. Some feel as a mental disorder whereas some people say that this is physical disorder. In case of homosexuality in women (lesbianism), the parents and relatives of such ladies feel this phenomenon is a unmitigated disaster!

    I personally feel that homosexuality is a disorder-it may be genetic. I definitely don't consider this as sin or crime. I feel that these people are otherwise perfectly normal and they are productive for the society just like other human beings. They also have places in the society.

    I would like to know whether homosexuality is a disorder or not? And more importantly, how should the society treat the homosexuals in day-to-day interactions?

    I am interested to know the views of other Members on this subject.
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    I'd be taking a shot in the dark, if I am to answer this question. There are many emerging theories revolving around this 'peculiar' human behaviour. I belong to the old school and think that sexual attraction should be among opposite sexes alone. Male and female were created to procreate and homosexuality defies what nature (God) proposes.

    I am not qualified to dissect the causes behind why some choose to have same sex relationships. There is no concrete evidence that establishes the reason(s) behind sexual preferences. However, to me, it is just not right - it is perhaps the influence of the religious values that I have grown up with.

    Having said that I also want to add that I do not treat homosexuals any different from how I treat the majority of people. I neither judge them nor do I want them ostracized. Yet, I will not come out in support of those who want to decriminalize homosexuality - I do not sign petitions supporting their cause.

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    Homosexuality is unnatural, to say the least.

    Apparently, it doesn't appear to fit in the perceptible scheme of God for continuing or sustaining life on the earth through the process of procreation. Since a single eternal life was likely to be monotonous and uneventful, the scheme was to continue the life like a relay race in which the baton of life is passed on to the next generation through genes. The natural irrepressible sexual attraction among opposite genders was deliberately created by the God so as to ensure a failsafe success of His scheme.

    Thus, we find that in such a scenario, there is no place for homosexual behaviour. It is deviant animal behaviour for gratification. Perhaps such behaviour crept in the human society because the sexuality overpowered sometime somewhere in absence of the natural mate.

    Irrespective of the various theories and interpretations, there is no denying the fact that it exists in the society. However, perhaps adopting the principle - 'live and let live' is a better option compared to getting disturbed.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    In the name of the God people always treat homosexual as an anti natural relation but it is not because whatever the theory people give often is according to the sexual attraction only but homosexuality is more than just a sexual relationship, it is a bondage. It is not a problem, it is priority. Many people would regard it also as anti cultural but if they get the chance to have a look in the history then they would be getting many instances where homosexual relationships have been mentioned as a normal thing. It is not an electric charge theory to sum up the conclusion having the opposite attraction basis. It is a part of human psychology which has been blamed often but understood less.

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    God has created this world with some purpose. We, the human folk is undoubtedly the best creature of the world. We have been provided with brain which is unique. We can think, we have wisdom, we can analyse and rectify our mistakes in sync with Nature. We find organic disorder in various creatures including human, where one or more organs of body behaves abnormally. Since humans have brain with them, therefore mental disorder is seen in them only.
    I consider homosexuality as mental disorder, if a man/woman is physically fit for sexual reproduction. In spite of being sexually fit, if they behave as homosexuals, then certainly their mental conditioning is required. If they are physically unfit for sexual reproduction and their identity of being men or women is in doubt then it's a different case.
    If someone is physically/sexually fit, then the case of homosexuality is normally due to these reasons.
    1. Unavailability of suitable opposite sex partner e.g. In jails.
    2. Merely for some thrill.
    3. Out of curiosity.
    4. Mental disorder.
    5. Some bad experience of past.
    Therefore suitable remedial action is to be taken to prevent it. Otherwise tomorrow someone else can come and claim different sexual inclination like voyeurism etc. and justify it as their personal choice.
    But if they are physically unable to satisfy the opposite sex and they have ambiguous identity, we must treat them and if their treatment is not possible then their consensual homosexuality should be permitted.

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    #578750: Mr. Alok Kumar, you have stated some valid reasons behind this 'un-natural' phenomenon. But I have one doubt in my mind. Can it be cured? I think homosexuality can't be cured.
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    Well by birth God has given us the looks, style, talent and above all , the necessities to behave and look like either male or female. But for those who are not blessed with this procedure, they are left with no other alternative and get adjusted with what ever available to them. Homosexuality is not the sin, but it is the curse. And since they want to live and get the pleasures of life, practicing homo sex has become pertinent for them. And remember those who are habituated to that kind of behavior, they cannot think of main stream living pattern and thus they themselves resign from the normal life and behavior.
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    Partha (#578754) - Regarding cure of homsexualty, there do exist a psychological treatment known as 'conversion therapy' for changing the person's sexual orientation from homosexual or bisexual to heterosexual. However, it is considered a pseudoscience and has not been approved by the medical, scientific and Government bodies in the developed countries like the USA and UK etc.

    According to the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD) which is a medical classification list by the World Health Organization (WHO) - 'sexual orientation by itself is not to be regarded as a disorder'.

    Instead 'ego-dystonic sexual orientation' is listed as a disorder which is defined as - 'the gender identity or sexual preference (heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, or prepubertal) is not in doubt, but the individual wishes it were different because of associated psychological and behavioural disorders, and may seek treatment in order to change it'.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    First of all for the information the homosexuality is not a disease or any type of mental disorder as stated by the major medical organisations such as The American Psychiatric Association, The American Psychological Association, and the American Academy of Pediatrics. They all unanimously agreed to the fact that it just a form of sexual expression so stop treating them as ill people. It is just a priority but we tend to make it sounds a peculiar condition in the name of nature or culture.
    If youbwant to get your facts right then care to look on this article.

    Don't consider them as freaks just because they are different.

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    Thanks to this particular thread, I have come to know many unknown things about homosexuality. Eagerly waiting for more information.
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    Apart from homosexuality, bisexuality is also a related issue which is though not frowned upon so much by the morality flag bearers. Such issues are generally covered under an umbrella term lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT). Recently we had a discussion about transgenders in this forum.

    Legally, in India homosexuality is a criminal offence under section 377 of IPC. The Delhi High Court had issued a judgement in the year 2009 which had decriminalised the homosexual activity. However, subsequently, the Supreme Court had set aside the Delhi High Court order of 2009.

    It is not clear to me if the section 377 of IPC is applicable in the cases of two females also or not.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    #578794: Only yesterday, I have come to know from a lawyer that Section 377 of Indian Penal Code is applicable in case of females also.
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    It should be left to the person whoever they choose as partner and to whom they feel attracted .
    This is totally about personal choice and priorities and I don't consider homosexual behaviour as any kind of mental disorder which can be treated with the help of any kind of pschytrist.
    But since for our society such relations has been a taboo and we relate every unatural thing to religion and culture it's more difficult for us to accept the existence of such people.
    There was a episode made on this problem in India, by Amir khan in his program on Satyamev jayete and the stories of these people and the trauma these people suffered from their own families and friends after their choices for life partners were revealed to society. It was shown on the episode that Condition of these people become awful and their own parents boycotted them, their parents even emotionally blackmailed them to do marriage. And in some cases their own relatives threatened them .
    do you think this kind of behaviour is correct measure?
    That episode made me feel very bad about conditions of these peoples.
    I think this should be left to the person whatever his choice is and these peoples should not be segregated and viewed differently from any other person and are perfectly normal.

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