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    We troll, we get delighted and we escape.

    In the virtual world where every information is just a click away, we are exposed to many things including someon's life. There is nowadays trend to follow people, intrigue ourselves with their routine and then we don't know when we are intruding in someone's personal affairs and the victims of such such unwelcoming intrusion are mainly celebrities. Many of us have placed the celebrities as some other creatures in our conscience who could fascinate us with their stardom and be the prey of our wild criticism. On the top of everything we stop them considering as normal humans who have the same imperfections of maybe other elements as we have. Trolling has become a big platform where the people could use cheap sarcasm launched to humiliate them, ignoring their true self image so they could escape themselves out of their own shortcomings. Be it an unsuccessful son of a big actor, be it a relationship of some celebrity, be it a statement given by someone, all get thrashed under the vulgar comments, threats and arrogant trolls. This is also a form of arrogance where it feels good to make someone feel miserable without looking in oneself and where being quick judgmental is a virtue but not a sensitive perspective.
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    Though 'troll' or 'trolling' are not new words but after the advent of the internet, these words got renewed lease of life and to some extent even not understood correctly by many people. Perhaps its most simplistic definition may be 'online harassment'. Twitter 'trolls' are also prevalent in India. In the United Kingdom, posting messages which are abusive, obscene or menacing is banned legally by the Communications Act 2003.

    The celebrities pay the price of their status. Since they earn money on the strength of their stardom, people tend to recoup their money by resorting to trolling like behaviour. As far as, cine personalities are concerned, their morphed photographs are also made available for the interested people to derive pleasure.

    Remember, the war propaganda which was broadcasted by the Radio Pakistan during the war periods. Perhaps, that was also a kind of trolling though using a different media.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    It is basic human nature to ridicule others, especially if the 'other' is powerful. the trolls do exactly the same thing-they ridicule the powerful. However, we must remember the trolls also expose the hypocrisy of the powerful quite often. The hypocrisy of many political leaders have been exposed by trolls. So, trolls also have utility.
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