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    Life is unpredictable, but full of hidden surprises

    Life is very unpredictable in terms of our daily life and activities,peesonal and professional lives. We can never say what can happen the next moment. We may start happily for office on day not knowing that the project we worked so hard for since the last few months got rejected.Sometimes, we may arrive at home to suddenly find out house full of our closest group of friends waiting to surprise us!
    What is your personal experience in terms of a joyous surprise or a very disheartening failure?
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    Yes life is full of hidden surprises. I agree with you. Surprises can be pleasant or not warming. Accepting both situations in neutral mindset is ideal but rare. If you have that capacity life won have ups and downs. Personal experience, yes there are lot. Pleasant: met school friend after a long time in client meeting. He was in the sponsor side. What else to say, the project which is massive is awarded to us. Later, we delivered the project with highest quality.

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    Well life is always guided with ups and down, sorrow and happiness. When we are fraught with sad moments at office or home, please expect a good news sooner that will cheer up you. When I was dejected with some angry outburst in the office the other day and was coming home, I received a call from my daughter that she passed 10th class with 10 /10 GPA. And before reaching home my happiness doubled when I received a call from the school stating that she got state rank and the be ready to face the media and come to school immediately. The joy and happiness to me and my family cannot be measured on that occasion.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    There is a set pattern. The good and bad phases come in life one after another in a cycle. Thus even in worse phase, there is always a reason to be happy that the next phase which is due and bound to come will be the brighter or happier one.

    Regarding unpredictability of the occurrences, here one has to accept that almost nothing is under the control of the human beings. Once when we were locking our door of our house to board the waiting taxi to proceed to Delhi from Agra for onward journey to Mumbai to see off my daughter to the US, a phone call came which informed demise of my mother-in-law.

    Similarly while strolling dejected due to certain reason in the vast campus of my office, I received a phone call from my son that he had been awarded one of most prestigious fellowships by one of the renowned American university.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Life is a roller coaster ride with many twists and turns. We should have a strong mind set to accept whatever life gives. Sometimes both joy and sorrow will meet us on the same day. The happenings are unpredictable in our life. I have faced series of continuous failures in my placement journey. One day I was shortlisted for the final round of interview conducted by a top MNC. After attending the interview I was very tired and hopeless. One of my best friends in college cheered me with his cheerful and hopeful words. That day night, I got a call from my hostel friends at 11 p.m. All my hostel friends congratulated me over the phone for getting placed in a renowned MNC. I was on cloud nine at that moment. The next day morning when I went to college, all my class mates congratulated me for my placement success. My best friend was missing in that crowd. When was attending my regular classes, I received a text message from my classmate stating that the friend who cheered me passed way in a road accident while coming to college. My entire mind gets shattered. I lost my best friend and that was the most disappointing moment in my life. On that day I realized that life is uncertain and unpredictable.

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