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    The best book you have ever read

    Everyone loves reading books and novels at every age. The choice of genres may vary but the love of reading binds the reader community together. I read so many novels in my teenage that I don't even remember the best one I had read at the time. Today, I started reading the book "Voices in the city" by Anita Desai. I can now recall that I had read "Village by the sea", another of her very famous stories on Indian life. Members, please share the names of good novels which we can read and improve our English.
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    Well knowledge wise I have read many books in my life either through friends collections or at the shelves of Public Libraries. But I was totally satisfied and felt full when I received Britannica set of books as gift at a competition which I won for giving a oratory speech which was decided then and there. The topic was Living without books. And I also have the collection of some volumes of Word book. These two sets of books are enough for any one to understand the intricacies of English and the living pattern of the world as we have general knowledge to whole some scientific contributions in them.
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    It is difficult to single out any one book as the best book as people read many books. The student days are the accumulation phase when a lot of books are read for gathering data. Subsequently, other kinds of books on current affairs, human nature, scientific matters and even fiction are read.

    Many people will cite the religious scripters as the best book they read. That way, I have a particular reverence for the beliefs of the Sikhism in which the holy book is worshipped.

    I would rate the Discovery of India authored by Jawahar Lal Nehru as one the best books I have read during my earlier accumulation phase though there is nothing like 'one of best'. There has to be only one 'the best'.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I read books of different genre mainly in English and Bengali. In every genre I have several favourite books. So, I do not want to name books in this platform. As for example, in respect of investment, my all-time favourite book is 'The Intelligent Investor' by Benjamin Graham. This book, written more than 50 years ago, is considered as the Bible on investment.
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