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    Why to blame leader when they are elected by people time and again

    There is a general trend to blame leaders for every wrong reason. We are living in a democratic nation where people have got the right to elect their own leader. The person with maximum numbers of votes gets elected. Without naming anyone some leaders are charged with corruption, some with grave criminal activities like kidnap, murder etc. They go to jail and they win their election from jail itself. What it shows....either they are innocent and falsely implicated or we the people too are of corrupt/criminal mentality and choose people of same nature? But everywhere leaders are blamed and people's verdict are justified. Now it's high time and we must stop criticising leaders if they get elected second time after being framed as corrupt or criminal. (Of course convicted are not eligible to contest).
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    I do agree with the author that those who have money power and muscle power are always winners in the elections and those who are regular winners always indulge in selective approach of dictatorship as if they cannot be questioned for this. Remember the same voters will also teach lesson if the leader goes out of bound. We all know that after 10 years in jail a RJD leader who came out was seen taken in a motorcade of 200 cars and they all passed the toll gate without paying any toll fee. So these so called leaders are thus proving to be a burden for their enemies, the government and above all the entire society.
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    An excellent thread initiated by Mr. Alok Kumar! I have also pondered over the same issue. Earlier, there was no alternative. So, electorates, i.e., common voters showed their disinterest by not voting. Nowadays an option of NOTA has come into the picture. People can express their disagreement about the candidates by punching the NOTA button. I feel that the percentage of voters opting for NOTA will go increasing in future in Indian elections.

    In this connection, I would like to attract the attention of the author of this thread to a meaningful discussion (GD) organised by ISC management some months ago, although I can't locate the thread immediately.

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    Votes are not cast on the basis of the merits of the candidates. Many other extraneous factors influence the voting pattern e.g. caste, creed or religion of the candidate. Many individual who have local influence e.g. ex-rulers of the princely states etc. get votes even if they contest the elections as independent candidates. Let us try to understand the rationale behind the rule of ex-cine stars in southern states. People cast their votes to such cine stars out of their emotional bonds with them, not on the basis of their proven administrative acumen.

    Primarily money is required to win an election, be it black money accumulated through criminal activities or other types of illegal activities. People get influenced by promises of free doles etc. and on the spur of moment cast their votes to a particular personality or a celebrity.

    However, later they expect results. How is it possible?

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    Yes, I always say to my friend the same answer the author has given in this thread, I too think that the blame which we put on leader is not 100 percent correct, because at the time of election we are given to choose one of our representative and we choose them on our choice, lets take that the first we have chosen a wrong candidate but after seeing the work of that leader which are wrong and done knowingly, we choose the same leader in the second time also, so its our fault that we are unable to make an eligible candidate to the correct post.
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