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    Alarm reminder to getup, Insurance renewal reminder, Health card renewal. Why we fail to keep dates

    When we remember the dates of our birthday, our marriage day, the birth dates of the children, the important events in life and also of our relatives, then why we conveniently forget the time to wake up early in the morning for which we take the help of alarm beep constantly, like wise for Insurance premium paying we naturally forget the same unless and until the agent starts reminding us. Like wise when our vehicle driving license period is elapsed, we still drive without proper documents and then get caught by the traffic police. Are we doing these knowingly or laxity on our part deliberately ?
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    The human nature, in general, is prone to remember only pleasing events. Paying money has never been taken as a pleasing experience by people in general. The other events are remembered only after getting a lesson to remember the same. After getting caught in some unpleasant encounter with the law enforcing authorities, it is likely that the persons concerned may remember their vehicle insurance premium date also in future.

    Regarding waking up alarms, it is a matter of habit. Many people (including me) don't require any alarm to rise in time. The biological clock put on alert takes care of such requirements.

    Nowadays almost all companies send reminders through SMSs and emails many times. Thus it has become easier to remember payment of bills and premium etc. However, still, I have a habit of maintaining a chart of due dates and refer the same from time to time.

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