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    Is gossiping a good habit or a bad habit?

    Gossiping is very common in this world. Both boys and girls love to gossip. Some people proudly admit it and some people deny it. I have seen ladies gossiping about other families with their neighbors for time pass. As the communication technology is widening, the spreading of rumors and gossips is also very high. In particular many people love to gossip about celebrities. Some people gossip about others in their workplace. Many people spread rumors for fun. People are very eager about other person's life and they love to discuss about others.

    Why people are very interested in discussing about others? Is gossiping a good habit or a bad habit?

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    One of the dictionary meaning of the word gossip is - ' conversation or reports about other people's private lives that might be unkind, disapproving, or not true'. Thus we can find the following three distinct elements in gossip -

    1. About other people's private lives,
    2. Being unkind or disapproving and
    3. Being not true

    With due clarity, I would state that it is a bad habit. Rather, it is an unfortunate scenario when people have nothing better to do than gossiping. It is not merely killing time but instead it is more about killing one's own life. Here by life I mean the purpose and objectives of being born as a human, not the biological life which gets killed by committing suicidal acts.

    Ideally, no one should have idle time requiring to activities like gossiping to indulge in for filling the gap. The human life should never be wasted and utilized for purposeful and constructive activities.

    The human life is a 'once in a lifetime' opportunity. Never aim at or waste the human life by indulging in giggling as an outcome of gossiping about other's private life.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Gossiping, by any standard, cannot be a good personality trait. To begin with, it kills your productivity, because it clearly indicates you are concerned more about other people's lives. Such an attitude will always keep you preoccupied with noticing and paying attention to what others are doing.

    Gossiping does not stop at the moment it is made. It moves around and changes its color and flavour as it moves through. Maybe you have made some comment about someone, but by the time it reaches the nth person, it assumes a different meaning altogether. That way, it can completely ruin your relationships.

    In essence, I do maintain that it is a bad habit that does not have an iota of anything good about it.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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    There is always a tendency with every one to see others suffer and get some sort of solace from that. Gossiping is also related to this kind of attitude. Why should we comment on the dress of others, why should we comment on the attitude of others and why should we bother at all about others ? All these questions have its ulterior motive that those who stoop to the level of gossip they do get immense pleasure in discussing the catch 22 situation of others and thus they not only get the time to pass but also have the dig at their rivalry which may have happened in the past by discussing the issues in gossip way.
    K Mohan
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