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    Shall people pressurize the Government to implement what they have put in their manifestos?

    In India, it is very common for politicians to put some attractive sops in their manifestos to pull votes during election time and later forget about what they have promised. People also get used to it thinking that it is part of politics. Hence politicians keep on giving false promises and never bother about them later. But Telugu Super Star Pawan Kalyan floated a party named "Jana Sena" just to pressurize the Government to implement what they have put in their manifesto. He is asking people to go after their representatives to pressurize the Government to implement its promises and now he is getting massive support from people. Shall people pressurize the Government to implement what they have promised instead of leaving it to opposition parties?
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    Most of the promises regarding developmental work are bound to be false only as the same require long-term planning and execution period and adequate funds to finance the same. The general public doesn't know the modus operandi of the Government and therefore tends to believe that the ministers get some magic wand using which they can transform the prevailing scenario overnight and bring Ram Rajya.

    The manifestoes are drafted by the political parties, not the local elected representative. The national parties draft different manifestoes for the parliamentary elections, assembly elections and local bodies elections. Regional and the local parties draft their own manifestoes at the regional or local level as the case may be.

    The outfit raised for pressurizing Government itself is likely to become a political party in due course for contesting elections.

    The common goal of all groups is to come in power by winning an election. With such a objective, they milk the sentiments of the common man.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Yes I appreciate the sudden upbeat mood of Power star Pawan Kalyan and his Jana Sena party which is organizing meetings at every big place in AP to elucidate the need for questioning the parties which promises moon but fail to deliver nothing. He is targeting both BJP at the Center and TDP in the state for their failure to bring special status category to the AP. He even criticized Congress for its zero performance in this regard. I also agree that people can pressurize the parties which promises in their manifesto and then forgets conveniently as if voters are having less memory power.
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