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    Pathetic condition of our traffics

    The Vehicles day by day is increasing everywhere leading to a jam. I see people these days are only concerned about themselves to reach their destination on time. They are not even bothered if an Ambulance is behind their vehicle and no space is made for the Ambulance to go ahead. People always want to be in front no matter what. This shows how selfish humans are becoming in every matter not even thinking about the life of the person in Ambulance. Even if some person in the traffic wants to make a way to the Ambulance, he will find noways to make it as others would have jammed it so much. I just hope that people will think of others life and stop being selfish in this matter.
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    I do agree Sushma that the traffic on the roads are increasing day by day and the new road users who are not having apt traffic knowledge are getting on the roads as if main stream users. The other day a college student seems to have bothered her parent for a new four wheeler and she is yet to learn fully, came on the road and she was held up at the signal and the vehicle wont start. It was a big drama as she is not allowing other to have try nor she is moving the vehicle to side. Even ambulance vehicle was forced to wait. Since it is traffic cop less junction, there was no traffic police and the road users literally had their choicest abuse on her.
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    The issue is so troubling that it has become a topic of regular threads being raised on this forum from time to time for the sake of discussions, debates, deliberations but alas yielding no result. The reasons are obvious. The population is increasing and hence the number of vehicles is also increasing although the width of the roads inside the cities is remaining the same.

    In the commercial areas, almost half width of the roads on either side is encroached by the shopkeepers for using the same as a parking lot as both the customers and the shopkeepers and their employees use vehicles. Such encroachments clog the roads the way cholesterol clogs the arteries.

    In addition to that many street vendors encroach the roads in the commercial areas for various purposes. It becomes a source of regular income for the law enforcing authorities also as a hefty sum is paid to them through the collection of contribution in a very systematic manner.

    Sometimes, it appears that the traffic policemen are posted at the vulnerable points only for collection of 'hafta', not for regulating traffic.

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    Traffic jams are one of the leading problems of the world, and in India it happens everyday, actually the world are becoming so advance that in every house we see one or two vehicles as fixed, everyone wants to have their own vehicles and in that case everyday many vehicles are brought up on road, the people whose office are near also they prefer to go by their own vehicle instead of walking or taking public service vehicles. I suggest the person who wants to go near by they should always prefer walking, it can decrease some amount of traffic in an area.
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