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    Drink fruit juices in the dark and get rid of urge to have intoxicating drinks says Bihar CM

    We all know that Bihar government has imposed total ban on liquor owning to popular demand from the women and children. However the Cantonment areas were not covered under the ban. But those who are regular drunkards are appealing to the CM Nitish Kumar to lift the ban at least partially for which he replied that when ever some one wants to have drinks and if that thought comes, let him fetch fruit juices and sit in the dark, claiming that he is having the liquor and thus forget the habit slowly. It seems to be a valid suggestion but wont goes in to the heads of regular drunkards. Any comment on this ?
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    From my personal experience I can say that fruit juice mixed with alcohol can be taken, but even then, the particular flavour or taste of alcoholic drink can't be enjoyed. So, it is not possible for an alcoholic to substitute alcohol by fruit juice. However, the Government of Bihar may recommend fruit beer to the alcoholics instead of fruit juice.
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    The state of Bihar has been declared dry w.e.f. 06.04.2016 by enacting the Bihar Excise (Amendment) Act. A number of check posts and barriers have been established throughout the state making it impossible or at least very very difficult to bring in liquor from outside the state. Also, stringent penal provisions have been provided for violations of the law.

    Though the step taken by the Nitish Government is laudable, but his remark that drinking fruit juice in the dark will impart the same effect a drinking alcoholic drinks gives is scientifically not correct. Alcohol present in the alcoholic drinks is known to affect the human brain, heart, liver, pancreas etc. adversely if consumed excessively. However, there are reports which say that consuming alcohol in controlled quantity may have beneficial health effects.

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    I do not understand the logic behind the suggestion by The Chief Minister of Bihar. Not that I am doubting his good intentions of making Bihar a non alcoholic state, but how can one convince the alcoholics (I request the members to avoid the usage of the word drunkards because it has very limited context) to substitute fruit juice for the alcoholic drinks? There should have been some scientific evidence to prove that, or the CM could have offered some other alternative. Such kind of comments make the politicians the laughing stock and undermine the importance of the important decisions like liquor ban.
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    Alcohol consumption, that also habitual and addiction ruins the individual's health, causes problems in family and society, is also a burden and cost on the state and society. It has to be got rid. Individuals who have fallen for the drinking habit should take conscious steps to stop the unwanted habit. If needed they should take help of others and social and health departments and professionals.

    Whenever prohibition is imposed, there will be some lobby to break and defeat that. They will indulge in all efforts and propaganda against prohibition. If law and law enforcement and also support from health and social departments are available and strict compliance enforced, prohibition is not that impossible.

    The very first thing needed is strong and committed political will. I think Nitish Kumar is relatively more sincere in this. He should not succumb to pressures. Centre also should come to his support by part financing the loss of revenue due to prohibition. Gradually the savings of cost on other sectors as benefit from prohibition, will compensate and justify prohibition.

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