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    How best to carry mobile phones while outdoors?

    Mobile phones have become like an organ of the human body. They have to be carried always like a baby. The question is how best to carry it so as to minimise the perceived though not yet conclusively proved health hazards.

    I generally carry it in the breast pocket of the shirt which lets it remain closest to the heart. However, few shirts come without pockets which compel me to carry it in the trousers pocket. There is another issue involved. Nowadays, generally, the pockets of the trousers are much shallower than what it used to be in the past. Therefore while carrying the phone in the trousers pockets, there is always an attendant risk of getting it lost.

    What are your observations about the subject matter and how best the mobile phones should be carried in your opinion? Is carrying it in the hip pocket the best option?
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    I am habituated to keep the mobile in the shirt pocket on the left side and that is easy to attend and converse even during driving vehicle. My phone has the speaker and the call can be heard in the traffic. I wonder many people keep their phone in their tight jeans front pocket and when they sit , they are unable to take out the phone when ringing and naturally some even miss the call and they have to redial it. If talking of cell phone itself is subject to dangerous rays then keeping in shirt packet does not amount to any risk for life or health hazard. But for ladies carrying a mobile is big problem.
    K Mohan
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    It depends on the ease of different individuals to decide whether to keep it in shirt's pocket or the one in trousers. Regarding health hazards, there have been numerous studies where it has been suggested that long term carrying of phone near the heart may cause health issues, specially when the signals are weak. Similarly, there have been claims were researchers suggested carrying mobiles in our trouser pockets may affect our reproductive system. However, we cannot deny the requirement of carrying a mobile with us all the time. Therefore, I would like to provide my opinion further...

    So far, I have carried phones and smart phones of different sizes, all in my trouser's pocket. Mostly in the left pocket of my jeans or pant. In this case, I am quite opposite from what suggests. I think my smartphone or anything that I put in my shirt's pocket remains more prone to be lost. At least that is what happens with me, therefore, I have never carried anything there except identity cards.

    I am pretty much used to carry and feel its presence in my trouser's pocket all the time.

    Mostly, I don't even carry a wallet unless necessary, and like to keep the cash as it is in one of my pockets. To ensure that I don't drop them somewhere, I keep them in another pocket of my trouser. Basically, left pocket is mostly and fully dedicated to smartphone.

    (I found it quite funny to read where author asks about carrying phone in the hip pocket. All we will need is a little forgetfulness to damage our phones by our weight, as we sit. I guess, hip pocket is only better to carry extra handkerchiefs. Even carrying a wallet in hip pocket may make it prone to thieves and otherwise causing discomfort while we sit, and then disturbing the original, ideal shape of our wallets.

    Ank Arya

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    I always carry my cheap mobile phone in the pocket of my trousers. Fortunately, till now I have not faced any problem in keeping my mobile phone in the pocket of the trousers, most probably, because the antique piece which I carry doesn't attract the attention of pickpockets.
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    Partha, if one not using his/her mobile for business or work related purpose, it is advisable to have a cheap one. Though, you might have cheap mobile but the person in you who is carrying it, is of course not.

    Coming to the point, it is not easy to keep mobile on my shirt pocket because of travelling in crowded place and in train, so I keep it in my trousers pocket. When I buy trousers, I check the pocket size, it should be big enough to carry my mobile phone. It is indeed a precious thing in current time and one should protect it for getting it lost.

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    Mr. Jeets, thanks for your appreciation of Partha Kansabanik. I have also heard that keeping mobile phone inside pocket of the shirt is not advisable from medical point of view. Many people opine that it may increase the chance of heart problem. Although I have no opinion about the correctness of this view.
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    Also with advancement of technology to provide all the facilities that a laptop has in a smart phone size of the phone is also getting bigger.
    It is slimmer but it's length is much more then what earlier phones had. More smart your phone becomes more difficult it has become to carry from one place to another without some extra arrangement.
    Also even if it fits in the pocket it doesn't look good in pockets of jeans .
    Earlier peoples used to have those small nokia phones, black white phones which were easy to carry but with more technological advancement and features it has become difficult to carry a phone.

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    Except Jeets (#578861), no author has commented on the depth or shallowness of the trouser's pocket and the associated risks of putting phones in the same.

    Ank (#578858) - I have seen many girls flaunting their phones from their hip pockets. Is it really funny?

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I also used to keep the mobile phone in the shirt packet only but one doctor advised me not to have the mobile in the shirt pocket or pant packet as it is not good for health and is good to keep in the hip along with the belt or to keep the same in the right side of our shirt packet. Since then I used to have the same mostly in hand and I told my tailor to have pockets in the right side also for the newly stitching shirts for me. Similarly keeping the mobiles and hefty purses in the backside packets of pant also not advisable as told by doctors as it drags people to many disorders related to spine and hip bones.

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