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    Are traditional typewriters still in use?

    Nowadays, traditional typewriters are hardly seen. The computers have replaced the same for obvious reasons. I don't remember having seen a traditional typewriter since many years.

    I had once chanced upon to read an article about Mahatma Gandhi's dilemma in using typewriters. Though he used to use it in South Africa, but in India during the swadeshi movement, he could not found any replacement of the typewriters. Legibility and the possibility of making copies using carbon paper were the inimitable advantages of the traditional typewriters. Gandhi Ji had a Remington typewriter and incidentally during the British period also, American typewriters were more popular in India and even in the Great Britain because of their technological edge.

    Are traditional typewriters still in use?
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    A very good question. Generally it is very difficult to find typewriter in metro cities. However, I have seen use of typewriters is still prevalent in District Courts located in rural areas ofJharkhand, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.
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    Yes in Hyderabad there are still we can find some type institutions functioning at select places and people are utilizing the same.
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    There are typewriting coaching institutes which offer training but generally people attend such institutes to learn typing work using both hands though they use computers only for typing after learning.
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    Typewriting institutes are there in many places as to feed the thirst of those joining in computer courses. The typewriting practice is the basic one to get speed of fingering even for computers. In 1975, my paternal uncle to made to enjoy the joining in typewriting classes, he himself joined with me in the institute and learned typewriting even after his Ph.D and working as professor in college.

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