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    The childhood of young preachers of religion.

    I was just shuffling through the TV channels on the click of my remote button when my eye caught a glimpse of a young preacher ,holding an assembly of thousands of people, giving pravachan. That glance broke down my shuffle and I got back to that very channel to notice that kid with my noticing eyes and I note that kid would barely be at the age of 11 and it seemed quite different to my eyes to collaborate with my ears to hear the typical shlokas and pravachan from his mouth. Though the wisdom cannot be confined to the age but it seemed obvious that many things were mugged up. I just have one thing that gets me wondering, Why so early? The age at which somebody is childlike enough to do something childish, he has to force a convincing and a calm smile to the fascinated crowd. Unkempt he could be in a playground, but he has to be clean enough to represent a satsang. He has to act and behave in a certain way just like a saint when he could be some mischievous to play out naughty acts. I believe he may be regulated by a guy bakstage whose main motive would be of profit generation as I think most of these pravachan are sheer market to take advantage of religion, where new and different product would fascinate the crowd to mount in thousands. I believe this is also a form of child exploitation where you use a child as a notebook to fill your own colours.
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    At the best take, such children can be said to be child prodigies like many others whom we see in the popular cinema or in the television reality shows. We also see many street children performing acrobatics for earning a living. Let us agree to keep aside the street children in general who resort to begging or indulging in other petty crimes for livelihood , lest the religious sentiments of believers get hurt.

    In my opinion, it is sheer exploitation of the children by their parents, guardians or the managers for commercial gains. Apart from them, the people who throng such discourses are also to be blamed. Not only that, such participants pay also for their presence or attendance as nothing comes free of cost.

    Recently , there was a news about a 4 years old girl from Lucknow Ananya Verma, vying for admission directly in class IX which was however not approved by the officials.

    Akrit Jaswal had performed a surgery when he was only 7 years old and later became the youngest person to be admitted to a medical university in India i.e. Punjab University, just at the age of 12 and claimed to be on the verge of discovering a cure for cancer.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Yes I do agree that some children are prodigy and they learn the intricacies of stunning life in the early stage and they are fit enough to give pravachan. The other day I had been to ISCKON temple in Hyderabad and found that a small boy of 10 years old playing the dholak, dancing with ecstasy , and also giving good pravachan from Gita slokas which stunned everyone. The way he was smiling, and saying every word with todays connectivity, that baffled the devotees and there was pin drop silence to listen to him. I was also equally taken aback for his immense knowledge in everything.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    We cannot take such things in the other angle. This can be possible only for those who got boon from the God. We are accepting a small child ply guitar/mondalin, telling answers for typical questions but this type of capacity will be available only to those gifted. I read in one tamil magazine of last sunday, that two (twins) Tamil children (female) are giving pravachana with many slogas in the tender age. Their parents are very happy to tell this capacity of them as they are hailing this from their child hood. Their father told in one interview that he was reading slokas and stories to his wife by sitting her side when she was bearing the child in the womb. He believed that this would have gone to their ears also and such capacity derived by them. This was told in the Prahlatha Charithram, Mahabharat (Krishna explained about Chakra vyuham to the Abhimanyu when he was in the womb of his mother and this only was helped him during the war to broke the chakra vyuya, it was believed then as he, abhimanyu only could break the chakra vyuha). We have to appreciate the God for such boon to them through blessing the children.

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