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    What time format you follow?

    People use different time format in their mobile phones. Some people prefer to use/set PM/AM format but some use 24 hrs format.

    I travel a lot so I am comfortable in 24 hrs format. Since, I started using my mobile phone, I set this format only. In most of the watches, the AM/PM formate are follows but after electronic watches started coming into market, the time formate started changing. Even if you have to track Flight timing or train timing, you have to follow 24 hrs format.

    So, what time format you follow and in which you feel comfortable?
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    The common time format which I have set on the phone is the conventional 12-hour format. The primary reason is perhaps because we have become habituated to this format since childhood as in the wristwatches and wall clocks etc. , only this format is used. Even at present in all the wall clocks and wristwatches in my house, only conventional 12-hour format is available. As far as, the AM and PM aspects are concerned, the same is generally determined automatically depending upon availability of sunlight etc.

    However, for many other purposes, 24-hour format is used especially as mentioned by the author in travel related activities. For tracking domestic as well as international flights on various apps, 24-hour format is used.

    I often use the website and world clock feature of the same for converting international timings into Indian timings. On said website also, both the formats are used.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    For me there is no problem either to follow twenty four hour format or twelve hour format. But following the twelve hour formal it easy and also understandable to many.
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    Though I have n problem in using a 24 hr format I am most comfortable with the 12 hr format. I use the same 12 hour format in my phone also as its quite easy to just look into the time.

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    I used to have the time format in my mobile as AM/PM mode. But the date format is the most confusing one to me as my office is based on American system. We normally use to have date/month/year format but they follow month/date/year. In hasty situations or by overlapping, we type in first format, they are confusing themselves and in later hours when we use other computer to have some information the date format is confusing especially in situations where the date and month below 12. To avoid this, I start using the dates in the format 01/06/2016 as June 1,2016.

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    I am used to both formats of time but am personally more comfortable with the 24 hour format because it doesn't leave anything to doubt. That's why my phone, laptop etc. are all set to 24 hour format.
    When it comes to wrist watches or wall clocks, since I use analog ones, they are invariably in 12 hour format.


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    I am comfortable with both 12 hour format and 24 hour format. I generally use 12-hour format while talking to and in my written communications with civilian officers. While I communicate with armed forces and para-military officers, I use 24-hour format. Although my wrist-watch gives time in 12-hour format, I have set time in my cell-phone in 24-hour format.
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    I'm comfortable with both the format. In my phone I set 24 hours. Some times I get confused also with 24 hours time format but it same goes with AM/PM format also . In AM/PM also I get confused. So it doesn't make diffrence for me .

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