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    Suggestions regarding allocation of provisional points credit

    I have been associated with ISC for more than eleven months. During this period, I have been active mainly in Forum section and Ask Expert section. In addition to these two Sections, I occasionally contribute in Articles /Articles Response section and Information Update section. I have noticed that generally provisional points credit is given in respect of each question and each answer in the Ask Expert section (2 points for each question or answer). Similarly, provisional point is allocated in respect of article response, although there is no fixed limit in this case. However, no provisional point is allocated for submission of new articles or new information update.

    I feel this system creates an anomaly. To remove this anomalous situation, I propose the following:-

    (a) ISC administration may allocate 10 provisional points for each article, which can be changed after review of the article.
    (b) ISC administration may allocate 3 provisional points for each article response, which would be changed after review of the response.
    (c) ISC administration may allocate 5 provisional points for each information update, which would change after review.

    Members of ISC may kindly comment on my above suggestion.
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    As far as I remember, in case of article responses, points are assigned by the system by default which is subject to review and moderation. In case of good article responses one can get even up to 6 to 8 points which are later moderated by the editors and cash credits are also assigned in the deserving cases.
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    I do appreciate the author for seeking provisional point system in Ask Experts, Article section submission and responses. In this regard please note that if the article is good and informative and has the potential of being useful, surely such articles are given nearly 100 points if all the details are given in the said articles. By seeking provisional points, the author restricting the editors to do full justice to the article. Like wise in Ask experts section good responses are always awarded with good points and cash credit and 2 points by default is the token gesture. And as far as response in article section is concerned. It is purely at the behest of editors to award points if the response is compensating and complementing the article. What I feel that if new members are giving good and apt answers in Ask Experts section, they must be given additional points for pure encouragement.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Mr. Mohan, whatever you have said is apt. But my point is in some cases, provisional points are credited and in some case provisional points are not credited. I seek uniformity in all cases. Hence the suggestions.
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    We used to have provisional 2 points for every article for a short while when the articles section was first introduced. It got changed after some years to have it as zero only. In the case of article responses, the points are already allocated as per the automated system. These are then increased or reduced after editorial review. Only in the case of info updates there have never been any allocated points.

    We could implement provisional points of 2 or 3 for articles and info updates. In a way, maybe a member would feel good to see some token points instead of a zero, but other than this reason, don't know whether it would help in any way as such.

    Managing Editor,

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    #578896: Provisional allocation of points will definitely do good. As for example, I submit information updates after lot of efforts. So, when I get 0 points after submission, it disheartens me. Similarly, I feel disheartened when my points in article responses get reduced after review. So, I have submitted this proposal.

    This is my personal observation.

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    Your suggestion has already been forwarded to the editorial team and the Webmasters for their feedback.

    Managing Editor,

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    By giving provisional points in articles section, we may end up answering a lot more questions from members. We had this system in all sections in the past but later removed due to the large number of complaints from members when their points are reduced later. We will be eventually eliminating this from all sections including Ask Experts.

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