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    Do you belief that one can reincarnate?

    There are many Hindu myths on reincarnation of Gods and prophets. Lord Vishnu has reincarnated in the various forms such as Narasimha, Vamana, Matsya, Kurma, Varaha, Parsuram, Rama and Krishna. Similarly Goddess Parvati as Durga, Kali, and in many other forms of goddesses. Do you belief in the avataras (incarnations) and restorations of the divine as well as the human being and animals? Is it possible to finding out our own previous restorations in any methods/practices? Is there any resources or proof on reincarnation somewhere in the world? Authors please share your knowledge on this topic.
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    There was necessity on the part of Vishnu to reincarnate in many avatars, thanks to the liberal boons given by Brahma and Shiva. Asuras are known for their deep penance and they know how to get the boon from Brahma and Maheshwar. If you see every avatar, the God Vishnu has to do much home work and then attack the enemy unknowing about his boon and its weakness. For human beings there is no reincarnate procedures as we are destined to go either to swarg or Narak based on our deeds here.
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    We are going to a temple,famous temple for darshan. We are standing in a long queue and after a long period of waiting, we are nearing the shrine. But at the time of our nearing, a group of people came inside directly for darshan they are entering inside without any waiting but made us further waiting. On enquiry we came to know that they are some relatives of ministers or ministers etc., They finished their darshan without waiting in the queue or anything. Like wise, the re incarnation is impossible to human and have to move according to the karmas what we possessed when coming and earned in this birth. God is incarnated into many avtars and sending his messengers in the form of spiritual Gurus etc., we have to believe them and took their path to achieve our goal of this human birth which is very rare to have. This human birth is obtained by us among one in eighty four lakh of births and deaths. We are in the last step (upper) of the ladder of birth and death cycle. If we unless avail this birth to seek moksha that is liberation from the death and birth cycle, we have to be in the cycle till the next chance of human birth. This was clearly told in all our ethics irrespective of religion. To emphasis this only God reincarnate as avatars and the persons killed by Him are not physical humans but the evils of our human mind which are to be removed from us.

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    Having had a science background, both education/training and practice wise, I personally don't believe in the theory of reincarnation etc. despite having faith and belief in certain superpower to whom we address as the God. Biologically, the physical body ceases to function at one stage because of the wear and tear due to aging and in Hindu system fully burnt to reduce the same to an ash. Therefore, scientifically, there is no scope of any afterlife until and until we believe in the concept of 'Atma' etc. which a far-fetched theory to say the least.

    As far as, the religion is concerned, that needs no scientific explanation or rationale as the same is purely a product of faiths and beliefs. If one believes in certain thing, it is his/her pleasure and others need not meddle in the same. However, still there are many things which are unknown and unexplained. The reach and scope of the sciences are limited to the range of the developed instruments, gauges and gadgetries.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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