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    Who are the most affected due to the violence in Karnataka?

    You all very well know about the recent violence in Karnataka due to Cauvery river water dispute judgement passed by the supreme court. Many have suffered especially the vehicles belonging to Tamilnadu state have been burnt/damaged. Many shops owned by the Tamils living in Karnataka have been smashed. Many Tamils were threatened. There was a small scale retaliatory action in some cities of Tamilnadu against the large-scale violence by the Kannadigas.

    Tell me, who are the most affected due to this violence?
    Is it the Government of Karnataka or Government of Tamilnadu or Public of Karnataka or Public of Tamilnadu or the politicians or anyone else ? Just think well and post your good answers.
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    I think it is a complete to loss to India and its image globally. The matter arouses harshly when we discuss about PoK, Kashmir and Pakistan after seeing the ridiculous fights, damages, and scenes of Bengaluru and other parts of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu in TV. On this situation, I respect the verdict given by Supreme Court as there is nothing to discuss over this until and unless the war or conflict among Tamil and Kannada stops.

    If there is a will, there is a way. On this situation, I found water is not their problem. Their problem is their own mindset. First they will fight against country, then the state, then the district, and against their neighbour villages. The war won't stop until and unless they change their mindset. They must act literally, not ludicrously.

    Naresh Kumar
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    From my personal experience during the frequent 'bandhs' witnessed in West Bengal during my younger days, I can say without any iota of doubt that the economically weaker people, daily wagers, small shop-keepers and people under Poverty Line are most affected during such 'bandhs', curfew and violence. The rich don't bother.
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    I agree there was a huge violence in Karnataka for Cauvery issue but let me clear one thing, the KPN buses that were burnt was not by the people but by the KPN travels to claim insurance on the buses as they were not in use. If you can recall, there was a bandh before this bandh also and no violence against people started. It started when few tamil guys hit a Kannadiga man in Tamilnadu and that led to this violence.
    To tell who is most affected by this violence is Karnataka and the people as they had to stop their daily activities on the days the bandh was called. A daily wage employee would be most affected by this.

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    The nation suffered as a whole in general and the poor people who earn their livelihood on a daily basis, in particular. The U.S. Consulate General, Chennai had to issue ad advisory to its citizens to avoid visiting areas where protests were taking place in Karnataka, including Bengaluru city.

    IT sector was thrown off gear in Bengaluru. According to an estimate of the Federation of Karnataka Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the sudden shut down due to the protests has led to production losses of about Rs. 900 crore in the city.

    I had witnessed many protests and bandhs during my life. It may appear as a joke but few snippets are as follows -

    1. In Lucknow, people used to threaten their opponents by saying that during next curfew, I will settle the score.
    2. A few days before festivals, violent protests used to be orchestrated to loot the cloth shops for making new dresses.

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    You are telling a different story. The violence started from Mysore and Mandia immediately after the announcement of judgement by the Supreme court. All the luxury buses operated by private operators take rest during the day for maintenance after their night-long journey. No luxury bus plies during day time. They remain in their depo during the day. Same is the case with KPN which has a large fleet of buses to different places of Tamilnadu from Bangaluru. They too have spare buses to meet alternate bus arrangements. What about the lorries bearing TN registeration? What about the cars bearing TN registeration? Were the lorries and cars not roadworthy to get burnt/destroyed? Do you say that they were burnt by their owners to claim insurance? What a different thinking from you!

    We should analyse the situation as an Indian, not as a Kannadiga or Tamil.

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    Yes we are watching the live videos of what is going on in Karnataka which is totally against the mankind and also against the law. When court says to release the water, what the hell the people and parties of Karnataka has the objections on that . Is that mean they are sole owner of the Cauvery river and they wont send even small quantity of water. If Tamil Nadu is being denied of water means it is purely the inefficiency of central government also which must tame the Karnataka government to follow the court order or face President rule. It is the law and order problem in Karnataka and the state can be wrested off from the power.
    K Mohan
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    Whatever is happening in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu is indeed a shame and is painful. It is the poor and the daily wage earners who suffer ultimately. There are a few groups who wait for such opportunities to instigate regional emotions.

    But, it would be better, in the interest of the Nation, if we discuss such issues impartially. One may be regionally inclined but we must make an effort to realize and analyze facts on ground instead of trying to cause a divide. Let us not jump into conclusions based on media reports. Let us maintain calm and do our bit. Let the forum be a place to discuss issues and not a platform to vent our frustrations. Hope participating members will maintain a balance.

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