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    If God is one, then why Hindus are Polytheists?

    When a religion follows one God, it is called monotheism; and when people of a religion follows to more than one forms of God, it is called Polytheism, which is a belief in Hinduism. It is also said by the Hindus as God is one and they worship one God in different forms. If there is only one God, then what is the necessity of worshiping to more than one form, why Hindus are Polytheists? Is there any other religion who beliefs in polytheism? I am eager to know the reason of such practices.
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    Unfortunately Hinduism has not been understood even by the stalwarts or exponents in the subject and thus conflicting notions and emotions burst once this topic is raised. Unlike other religion, Hindus are not confined to one God. We call avatars. That means the God has taken different styles and looks to tame the erring Asuras who ever gives trying time to the public. So Brahma is the creator and gives the boon even to the wrong persons, Vishnu is the performer and sees that ultimately the demon is killed for obvious reasons. And Maheshwar also fond of his devotees and gives boons without even ascertaining how to tackle it. In that process Lord Vishnu has to take many avatars and tame the Asura kings one after other and thus Justice has been done to the people. Every avatar is for the mankind to understand the intricacies of life and behave to the notes of it.
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    As far as I understand, in the Hinduism, there is only one supreme God. There is a difference between the God and the deities which are different forms of the same supreme God.

    Initially, during the Vedic period, most the deities which humans used to worship were natural forces which used to let the humans survive and sustain e.g. the deity Sun (Surya), Rain (Indra), Ocean (Varun), Air (Vayu), Fire (Agni) etc. It was not possible to grow crops without sun rays and rains. The people used to find themselves dwarf in presence of ocean, mountains and mighty rivers etc. As a matter of fact, the Hindus worship food grain also as a deity. Such deities also represented various forms of energy.

    Hinduism is not a fragile or very rigid religion. It is universal in nature and one can continue to remain a Hindu even without following the ritualistic practices of worship etc.

    The most important point is that there are still many things which are unknown and unfathomable. Therefore it is wiser to believe in a God.

    I personally believe that there is only one God even for the followers of different religions.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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