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    How to turn your hobby in to a profession?

    Many professionals like sportspersons, actors, painters, singers turn their hobby into their profession. Many people also changed their profession by changing their hobbies, like Sunil Gavaskar, Vinod Kambli, Salil Ankola, Ajay Jadeja, Kapil Dev, Brett Lee, etc. Similarly, many wrestlers turned their profession as actors like Dara Singh, Dawne Johnson, John Cena, etc. I think shifting profession by changing your hobby is not an easy task. However, there is a chance in making profession if you're stick with your hobbies with dedication and hard work. What you say is it easy nowadays to turn your hobby in to a profession?
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    Yes when you pursue a particular hobby, firstly it may give you lots of challenges and if one succeeds to pass through all the initial ordeals, then the person would turn that habit in to hobby. If Sachin was famous because , he had the ability to hit the ball tight and thus scoring from fast bowlers has become a cake walk for him. Soon he made records for himself and the country. That hobby turned out to be a profession and he has become a Icon of the cricket and many tried to follow his style. So hobbies can be converted into profession provided there in continued patronage and performance put together.
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    Will and determination can do miracles. Theoretically, it is possible to convert a hobby into a profession but that requires total dedication, focus, concentration, sincerity and hard work. We can find many examples in the society where people turned their dreams into realities on the strength of their hard work.

    However, most of the individuals take hobbies as things of amusement, fun and timepass. In such cases, it may not become possible to achieve much except personal satisfaction and contentedness. Achieving success like a Sachin Tendulkar may require certain luck factor also. The bitter fact remains that mostly the students who don't find themselves able to carry forward in the studies, tend to opt for sports as a career.

    Almost all successful starts up companies or even the neighborhood businessmen succeed only on the strength of their dedication and temporarily restraining themselves from falling in the lures of the worldly temptations.

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    Well, changing hobbies into your personal profession then I think it need lots of dedication which will put oneself in that position where he/she can make that hobby into his/her profession. But the thing is not so easy it needs time and to make it professionally it needs hard work, patient and lots of training to own it. Many of them in this world just think and try for sometime and after they lose their patience they just leave everything and go away and try to forget their hobby as it pays nothing, actually situation is the main factor of everything.
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    If one is really passionate about something they find the way to follow thier dreams. It's not a easy task but with will power nothing is impossible though. In beginning if one get support from family then the process became some how easy but I saw so many people around me who got success without family support also . It takes lot of guts to go for turning your hobby in to profession initially one have to struggle to earn sufficient money and meeting thier day to day need too . Some initial investment also requires. But there is no point in continuing the work which we don't like and doing work like we are suffering. One can be happy only when they like the work they does . It is difficult in beginning but it worth to work on one's own dreams. As they say if there's will there's way.

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    A hobby is a regular activity doing during a leisure time for mental pleasure. In this modern digital era any activity can be transformed to a profession if we intend to. Do some crafts as a hobby , you can sell it online for sale in www.amzone, or even www.flipcart. A talented singer doing his hobby as a singer can upload his songs in I know a girl who was cooking for hobby turned to be her profession while she uploaded in youtube. So while doing a hobby keep focus on its professional aspect. A hobby can turn to a profession of course.
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