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    Don't Cross Signal's

    Today I wish to discuss about the people those who cross traffic signals. Now a days most of them ride two wheeler,especially as I have observed most of the youths just go in high speed or they cross the signal or ride while talking in cell phones. The purpose to take this topic as discussion is because I find most of them don't follow the traffic rules. Actually when we stand for red traffic signal in two way roads, most of them come in wrong direction to cross the signals. I find its very risky for them and also for others.
    My purpose for creating this forum is to say Please follow the traffic rules, Be Safe and let others also be safe.
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    I do agree with the author that crossing the signal when it is red is the crime and punishable with fine and even jail. In Hyderabad every major junction is having traffic signal and the cameras are fitted on the signals. Even if any one cross the stop line, the e- challan is raised against their vehicle and if some one indulges in frequent traffic violations, their license will be permanently cancelled and the vehicle would be seized. We think that there is no one at the traffic signal and hence violate the rules, but soon you will get sms message that your vehicle has been challaned and one has to pay the fine immediately at the e seva center.
    K Mohan
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    With a view to create an awareness among uninitiated I am repeating herewith the meanings of the various road light signals, as follows -

    1. Red (to stop the traffic) - indicates that the driver should stop the vehicle immediately and should wait until the signal light turns green.
    2. Yellow (caution) - indicates that the many drivers are likely to enter the intersection area and they need to wait until the light switches to amber and only then move carefully. Stop, on seeing the amber light.
    3. Green (go on) - indicates that the driver can pass through the crossing in a careful manner.
    4. Flashing Signals - means complete halt and then move according to the intersection safely.
    5. Pedestrian Signals - are meant for the people who cross the intersections in the safest manner. On spotting the red figure of human on the traffic signal post, never enter the road.

    However, the above account is a very brief description. The users should refer the official guidelines issued by the traffic regulatory authorities to follow the same.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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