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    Should people apply concepts like core competencies or SWOT analysis in their personal life also?

    Generally, the term 'core competency' is taken as a management jargon. However, we can simplify it to refer in our day to day life. All of us have one or more strong points in our personalities. At the same time, many of us are likely to have certain weaker areas also.

    The SWOT analysis is another concept which can be applied in personal life also. It measures strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

    Do people apply the management concepts and principles learned in their professional life in their personal life also?

    What are your observations in this regard?
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    SWOT and Core competency generally used in management. But at the same time so many management things one can apply in personal life also for personality development. As SWOT analysis is about knowing about strength weakness opportunity and threats where strength and weakness is internal and controllable factor and opportunity and treat is external and uncontrollable factors. And i personally feel SWOT can be very well applied in our day to day life for our personal development by knowing the opportunities available by knowing about our own strength and knowing our weakness and working on that area. About core competency its about knowing our strong area and working on that likewise some companies having their own specialty in particular field or uniqueness in some area. Same applies to our life we all have some uniqueness in our self and if we work in right direction for strengthening that uniqueness that will be our core competency .

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    Well for a ordinary person like me the Swot analysis or core competency are big words to understand and remember but one thing is sure we are all having good and bad in our behavior and character and based on our movement with the people we are liked, and even hated by people for our bad characters.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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