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    Does Gautam Gambhir deserve a chance ahead of Shikhar Dhawan?

    Shikhar Dhawan has failed so far in this year so far. On the other hand Gautam Gambhir is in some great touch in recently concluded Duleep Trophy. Gambhir is good against spinners but he has only one or two seasons left in him. On the other hand Dhawan still has 6 to 7 years of cricket left in him and he is known to make good comebacks. So what you think? Dhawan's inclusion is right step or India should have went Australian way of giving an in form player a chance?
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    A very good thread. I feel that although both Gambhir and Dhawan are left-handed openers, there are vast differences in their style an approach. I feel that Gambhir is more suitable as a test opener and Dhawan is fit for One-day matches or T-20s. So,I feel that Gambhir should have got a chance against New Zealand during his twilight years. It is really unfortunate that Gambhir had to play under the shadow of Sehwag during his prime. Now he is neglected because of another Delhi-ite, Sikhar Dhawan, whose batting technique is not as good as Gambhir's.
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    Soon I will come up with an article on Gautama Gambhir and why he is not in. By the way yes, currently he is in better form than Shikhar ( Or you can say, in better form). But Shikhar deserves a couple of chances against new Zealand. If he fails there, then we can have Gambhir in. Also Vijay and Rahul together can form a better combination as they both are in good form specially Rahul is in top form in last 2 year. We might not need either I mean Gautam and Shikhar. My top six for test series is 1. Rahul 2.Vijay 3. Pujara 4. Kohli 5. Rahane and Saha at 6.

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    My wish also same taught for it i want gautaum instead of dhawan

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    Yes, Gautam Gambhir must be given chance ahead of Shikhar Dhawan. He is known for his perfect opening. We have noticed many perfect openings of Gambhir with Sehwag, Rohit Sharma, etc. So, I think after a long break he must be given a chance in cricket formats. Though recently, he had posted a controversial tweet regarding Uri attack which is gaining mixed reviews from its fans.
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    Hi Ravi
    Can you elaborate ? I mean Dhawan has only 4 innings in test cricket this year and he has done well in ODIs. How can we replace a player on the basis of just 4 innings ?

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    #579620 Hi Ajay Vikram Singh, it seems that you are a big fan of Dhawan but we cannot make our decisions on favouritism, this is international cricket and here the most important thing is performance not experiences or freshers, yeah sometimes experiences matter and sometime the hot blood make a vast difference in the game but if we see then we will find that now a day Gautam is going through a great form and that kind form is really very much crucial for the team India. And I don't know about others but my personal view is that Gautam should be given a chance on based of his duleep series where is scored huge runs and lead the team which utmost energy, and there is also one side of seeing is that if he gets the chances then his ability of leading the team can help Kholi a bit.
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    Hi Basu
    First of all I am not a huge fan of Shikhar. Secondly how many centuries Gautam Gambhir scored in Duleep trophy? Answer is 0.

    There were better scorers in Duleep trophy than him. International cricket is a different animal. There are sharper oppositions and better bowlers there. Even I can agree to your point that Shikhar deserves to be dropped, I can not agree with Gautam being selected because we have better opener in KL Rahul & Murali Vijay. Gambhir and Dhawan after both those openers. So being younger , Dhawan edges out Gambhir. And if you prefer Gambhir , then why not Sheldon Jackson? Or even Abhinav Mukund ? These two had similar ( Infact Jackson had better ) Duleep trophy outings.

    Talking about favouritism , Please check Dhawan's ODI & T20 record this year. You will find that its good. He has played 4 innings this year in test cricket out of which he has failed in 3. So just three failures are enough to drop him ? You might not like him but he still deserves a chance. Gambhir was a great player but we must accept this that his days are now over and he might never make a comeback to international cricket. This is my personal point of view. Thanks

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    I think once old player dropped then its difficult to come back. Vindo kambli a good cricketer but not able to come back. This time competition is tough so selection do not want to take risk so the select best and think for future cricket also.

    As per my views deserve player should be in for Team.

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    I have posted an article (waiting for approval) in article section about this. Once it is approved, go through it. I have explained in details about whys and hows. Cheers

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    I fail to understand one fact that when a player is doing better than expected, then why he is not giving chance by the National selector. Politics in selecting the players is very much present in BCCI. And probably Gautham Gambhir does not have a back up it seems.
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    Although I have a soft corner for Gautam Gambhir, I feel that Lokesh Rahul and Murli Vijay, the present openers for India, are in much better form. So, it is difficult for Gambhir to make a comeback at this age.
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    #579693 if you are talking about the best between Shikhar Dhawan and Gautam Gambhir then let me say you that Gambhir is the far most best one than Shikhar Dhawan, I think you are forgetting 2011 world cup, where Gambhir was the one who struggle more than anyone for the world cup victory and if he was not there then it could impossible for the other team-mates to lift the world cup.
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    Babu Saroj

    Yes no doubt Gautam Gambhir was one of the best cricketer India ever had but we can not pick a player on the basis of what he was in past. He was dropped for a reason. As you can see Partha sir agrees with me that India right now have better openers than Gautam Gambhir.

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