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    How to face the fear of something you would never want to face

    Ever faced a fear that has overwhelmed you? Share your fears fearlessly in this thread and get quick tips on how to deal with such fears.

    Fear is an inevitable space in every human's life, the degree may wary though. We all have some fears which we sometimes hide from the world or try to dodge when there arises any situation related to that fear. No matter how much courageous we are, that single fear always tempt us to flee from that situation and we could not surpass it. In my school days I had a kind of fear to give the command in the prayer assembly in the morning. I was good at everything to represent on the stage but that command thing. Whole school life I dodged that thing. Salman Khan says that there is victory ahead of fear but some fears cannot be tamed I believe.

    What's your fear, people? How do you face it?
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    Although many people claim that they are fearless, 'dorr-ke age jit hai',etc., fear is an important emotion. Life cannot exist without fear. Some fear examinations, some parents,some are afraid of teachers, bullies or bosses. Everybody is afraid of something!
    “Whenever I feel the need to exercise, I lie down until it goes away.” - Paul Terry

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    Fear is essential for survival. It is perhaps one of the basic instincts. Different people develop specific fears as a result of learning.

    Death is the most dreaded fear. Almost all people fear death except perhaps terrorists like suicidal bomb attackers. But it appears that due to their mental conditioning they no longer remain normal human beings.

    Some of the most common types of fears which people experience across the world in the modern times are fears of normal or nuclear war, terrorist attack, spiders, death, being alone in future, losing near and dear one and criminal/brutal violence etc.

    Then there are common phobias like fears of examinations, public speaking, evil powers, failures. needles, social rejection, snakes, cockroaches , lizards, flights and enclosed spaces etc.

    I think the concepts of ghosts etc. were developed to control the children from venturing out in the dark nights.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Well for that matter no person is above fear and at one point or the other during life, we are habituated to fear and its challenges. For some cockroach is the fear. For many they hate dogs and they take round about route to avoid street dogs. For some some seeing lizards in the home is the fear and for many even going on the bike is the fear. One of my relative who is well versed in education and most intelligent person in our family has the fear of vehicles and he always opt for the public transport. Even he advise the driver to go slow and reach the destination and reach safely.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    As for me, I fear dogs. I respect them, I love animals. But I had quite a lot of bad experiences with these canines. So everyday I just try to avoid dogs. So I walk with a lot of anxiety and fear.
    I even stopped going out totally because of my fear of dogs, if necessary I would go out in company of others. And my fear of dogs challenges me daily.
    We all fear something, right? Fear is primordial. Dread is associated with Death, and who does not fear death? Wisely said" A man living in fear dies a thousand deaths".
    So how to stop this primordial response and conquer it, because once you go fearless nothing is impossible.
    Answer : We always fear the unknown. We don't fear the dark, but what is in it.

    So only curiosity can overcome fear. Be curious,learn more and get familiar about the things you fear. They will no longer seem fearful.

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    Fear is emotion like every other emotions and I I don't understand what people want to show by saying no I don't have fear of anything. Is it? Means are you emotion less? . I have lots of fears, like I fear of competitive exams, I have fear of losing my possessions, so on. I do fear of some or other thing in life and it is okay.

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    Having basic fears is essential for survival. However sometimes one can have phobias (irrational fear or dislike of something or some situation). While one can still over come basic fears, it's quite difficult to get over phobias. I, myself have a phobia of birds, especially hens and pigeons.

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