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    Reduction of points after re-publishing of article

    I submitted one of my articles for re-publishing on 15th of September, 2016. The article was originally published on 19th November, 2016. This article has been re-published, but I am astonished that the date of re-publishing is being shown as 19th November,2015 (instead of 15th September, 2016). More astonishingly, earlier (at the time when it was first published), the article was assigned 45 points, now the point has been reduced to 40.

    I feel that there has been some problem in this regard. I request the concerned Editor to check the matter. The link is given below:-
    Tourist destinations of North-East (Part-II)
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    I am not sure why this happened. Could be a mistake while editing. I have reset the points and cash to 45.

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    Sincere thanks for the prompt action. Kindly also check the date of re-publishing.
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    The edit history does not indicate that you republished it. It may have not happened if you may have wanted to edit the article first.

    Managing Editor,

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