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    Why people practice yoga, for their mind, body, soul, business or anything else?

    My question is very simple, as many people do practice yoga but they don't know why. I think maximum people do yoga for their betterment in health or body. Some people do for mind and soul. Some people make it as their profession or business also. Frankly speaking I do yoga to balance my tummy and then my mind. During the yoga day, many people from schools, colleges and govt. & private offices get participated but no one has any intention or zeal to practice this daily, at their home. I can say more than 99% of them were forget what yoga is. This is because, I asked 15 people who participated in the Yoga Day and now they're saying it was fun on that day and there is no reason to do fun daily. What do you say on this concert and why do people practice yoga?
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    Yoga basically means to attain spirituality. The ultimate bliss. But you need to forge your shell(body) in order to achieve it. So the ancient mystics divided body into different chakras and lokas. These coincide with Chinese acupuncture charts too. These vital yet sensitive body parts are made strong by few exercises, these exercises are called Yogic exercises.
    Humans are the only known animals who question. Question their existence. Their purpose here. And spirituality or Nirvana is the ultimate answer to that question. So yoga is basically making you a better human or in fact a true human.

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    I am practicing yoga since last 14 years and I am not a product of Baba Ramdev's awareness campaign. It learned it joining a yoga class in my neighborhood in Mumbai. There was an Ayyappa temple in the neighbourhood which had a large premises and one portion of the same was used for conducting yoga classes by few enthusiast of the locality.

    Earlier, I used to ridicule yoga. However, somehow, I started by joining the class and gradually become aware of its benefits. Generally, a combination of yoga, pranayama and dhyana is required to be practiced. During my service period, I had always been able to outperform due to regular yoga exercises.

    Pranayama is an outstanding breathing exercise which keeps the lungs active and strengthens immunity power. Yoga postures help in toning the muscles. Regular practice brings discipline in life though the same is not a substitute of regular physical exercises like walking etc.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I do yoga for good health. Some of my office mate's do it for reducing weight in healthy way. Moreover Yoga became fashion. Most of people get Motivated by Bollywood celebrities. Girls want to look like shilpa Shetty or Kareena Kapoor and they both prefer yoga so it influence thier fan. Depends everyone wants different benefits from yoga.

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    I don't do Yoga or any other exercise. This is clearly evident from my Forum-footer. But I do know that Yoga is extremely beneficial both for the body and the mind.
    “Whenever I feel the need to exercise, I lie down until it goes away.” - Paul Terry

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    To be frank, just because others are doing yoga, some also join the band wagon and try to do some exercise for a while and then they shy away. Yoga is not a fly by night exercise and then to be discontinued. It is the sustained effort on the part of a person who does various yogic exercises to have control over body, anger, blood pressure, and eventually be calm in life. Yoga is the ancient form of exercise which may not have personal work outs like we do in Gym. But certainly the exercises are worth practicing for the long term benefits. Those who do yoga would also live for more years.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    When I used to be a kid, we had a good sized chart where at least 30 different yoga postures had been described along with benefits. Out of curiosity and to show to my family, I used to mimic several difficult yoga positions easily. There were different 'aasans' which had existed been there since beginning. (Although I was never able to stand on my hands like a toad. I never really tried to).

    I shared the above memory because it clearly hints that my parents had been interested in Yoga since always. In fact, even in the school they had been, there used to be strict Yoga classes. as well. However, none of us really make efforts to do Yoga now. We have been too busy to manage the time for Yoga. Obviously, we are aware of its benefits and we are longer its regular practitioners.

    To specifically answer the question raised by the author, I guess, today's Yoga may not be real Yoga. People mostly do and boast of it because several of their friends are also doing it. It has become a trend or style statement to be known as someone who practices it. However, we also have people who actually respect Yoga and practice it daily, to keep their mind and body healthy and their soul happier.

    Nowadays, there have come different clubs where they charge heavy fee to add us as members and then they practice Yoga along with some soft background music. While I have no objection about it, but most people who join them are just excited to join the league (because everyone is doing). As soon as their new hobby gets boring, they leave it. Something similar is seen with Gym as well. People join it to walk with the trend and to be called a fitness freak, but later on, they stop exercising.

    However, I think we should not take it as a temporary hobby but an everyday ritual which must be followed well and regularly. Staying fit doesn't only improves our health but also of the dear ones in our family.

    Ank Arya

    "Your value does not decrease based on someone's inability to see your worth"

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    There are two things. one Yoga and the Yoga-asan. The author is not clear what does he mean. Yoga is the assimilation of 'Jeev-Atma' into Parmatma. When Atma meets the Permatma it the most pleasuresome momentand the aim of life.Yoga-asans make the body fit and prepare the body for Yoga.
    'Education is a lifelong process, keep on learning new things'

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    I remembered during my school days every Saturday at morning we were doing surya namaskar for 10-15 minutes. That time I was not aware about yoga and its benefits. but when I grow up and saw Ramdev abab on television then I realized the same thing we were doing at school, but as a kid I was unable to understand the benefits, it actually keep us healthy and peace, then automatically a positive energy increase our body.
    But at current time I do not do yoga, because little bit busy also I became lazy so it feelings me like a very hard work, but it can not be practice by seeing any one, or following any one, it needs own will and strength.

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    Well, I always believe that whatever makes us happy and fit we should always do that to satisfy ourselves, if the people are doing for the fun then also it is good for the health because at that moment they are enjoying themselves which makes their body relax and free from every tension. I recommend them who does once or twice a month that they should do it regularly as Yoga makes the body and soul fit and fine and free from diseases. I personally a big fan of Yoga and I do it regularly and when I do it, it creates a unique power inside me which says that I will be fit forever and no disease can even dare to touch me.
    live happily in every situation of life

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