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    Dead body should also be given the respect

    I was watching a news video from Bihar today, where in a person died in a lake and after three days the body was retrieved and the police which took the help of Municipal workers, has literally dragged the body with ropes as if they are dragging the Caracas. I felt much annoyed with this behavior. They could have put the body in the bed sheet or a cover and then taken with respect. By dragging they workers shown least respect for the man kind and that is highly condemned. What is your view on this. Even the dead body should be treated with honor at least up to the funeral or burial time.
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    Sir, whatever you have stated is generally correct. But in rare cases, even the dead-bodies don't deserve any respect. In this connection, I would like to draw the attention of the fate of dead-body of Grigori Rasputin in Russia. What about the dead-body of Louis XVI. Similarly, do the dead-bodies of criminals like Ajmal Kasav, who had killed many innocents in Mumbai, deserve any respect?
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    I am not talking about criminals and scoundrels dead bodies. The person died here is the ordinary poor and that needs respect.
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    It is a convention in India to respect the dead bodies. I remember during our school days we used to put our hands on the head as a mark of showing respect to the dead bodies on watching a funeral procession on roads. It had nothing to do with the religion of the deceased. Even nowadays, people generally slow speed of their vehicles and give way to the funeral processions.

    There are many aspects associated with the treatment of dead bodies. Imagine the plight of dead bodies during the wars or the communal riots. It is said that during the communal riots in the western Uttar Pradesh in the past, the law enforcing force used to throw the dead bodies of the victims of firing in the rivers/canals as to reduce the counts of the dead. Sometimes mass funerals are also organised to take care of victims of natural calamities etc.

    Only some time back, there was a news about people breaking the bones of a corpse so as to bundle it as after the death the dead body had got stiffened making it inconvenient to carry it.

    During the wars, females are generally not deployed on the forefront as their bodies are later defiled by the enemy forces. I remember having read the story that when the great Jhansi Ki Rani went for her last battle, she entrusted one of her commanders to ensure that after her death, the dead body is not going in the hands of the enemy forces.

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    Mohan sir, a small correction! Dead body should be given respect rather than also. My view is the person died have already been an example to us as he lived amidst good problems and happiness. We should respect the body definitely, whether we like or not, whether relative or not.

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    All dead bodies don't deserve any respect. Only the genuine dead bodies should be respected. Why should a criminal's body be respected? I do not know about the person who died in Bihar whether he was a gentleman or a culprit or criminal. If he was a gentleman, the police was wrong to drag them. If he was a criminal, the police was right in doing so.

    I remember a good old story after reading this thread.
    There was a village head by name Mr. Naidu. He was a trouble creator. The villagers never liked him. One fine day, he fell ill. His days were counted. One courageous villager asked Mr. Naidu," Mr. Naidu, What is your last wish? Mr. Naidu said," After my death, I should not be carried and buried. As I have committed a lot of sin and troubled the villagers, a bamboo should be tied on my neck with a rope, and I should be dragged to the burial ground." The villagers thought that Mr. Naidu has realised his mistakes and his last wish should be fulfilled. After Mr. Naidu's death, the villagers tied a bamboo stick on his neck with a rope and dragged him on the road. When the policeman sighted this, he arrested all the villagers involved. They were put behind the bar. The villagers then realised that Mr. Naidu did not fail to trouble the villagers even after his death through his last wish.
    How do you like this story ladies and gentlemen?

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    I can understand the emotions of the author while raising this issue. It is the sense of humanity to not disrespect the dead body of any being whosoever. Mr. Partha has raised a valid point that asked whether terrorists should be given respect in this case. I am not saying he is wrong in raising a question, but I, as an individual human may not wish to disrespect his dead body. A dead body is a dead body. Even if it had been a criminal, he or she no longer exists. I may not wish to show much respect to it but I will not also wish to disrespect it.

    Dead body of anybody takes us closer to the fact that it is a part of every living being's journey. One day, we all have to say goodbye to the World and what will be left will be our bodies which are no longer alive. Beyond being the body of a farmer, tailor, businessman or criminal, it is the picture of fact which shows how anyone from us can die the next moment and turn into a dead body. To realize this fact, to accept this truth and to respect the Life and Death, we must give some respect to the dead body.

    In some cases, the dead bodies are severely damaged or decayed when they are found. In such cases, some mistakes can happen from the people who are carrying it. Even then, intentional disrespect should not be there.

    Dead body is something which has gone in permanent meditation, leaving the world, oxygen and the soul as well. Let's not disturb it anymore.

    Ank Arya

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    Yes, no matter whose dead body is that but as a human being and as a educated person we should know to respect dead bodies. And as the case provided by the author it seems that somewhere in this world people are forgetting to respect dead bodies. From the childhood itself we Indian are taught to do NAMASTE to the passing dead body and if the person of our locality dies then we should go there and tough their feet as a sign of respect to that person, but dragging like a dog is not at all acceptable for a human being, I don't where that humanity goes when people do our see such things.
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