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    Rituals of Pitru Paksh

    Looking for information about the rituals of Pitru Paksh? Find out all about the 15-day Pitru Paksh lunar period and the rituals followed by different communities in India.

    For those who lost their father and other elders in the family, from today upto 15 days they have to remember those lost elders and do the rituals as directed by the pandits or maharaj as per their convenience.

    For Tamilians, the Purattasi Masam starts from today and that is most important for the followers of Lord Venkateshwara. We make a diya out of rice flour added with ghee and that will be kept lit, symbolizing the time taken for us to reach the Seven hills by walk and thus this ritual is performed in every home and we call it Tiruvilakku Mavu.

    Hope other members also know about the two customs.
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    It is said that the people should refrain from following activities particularly during the Pritu Paksha ( forefathers fortnight) lest the forefathers get annoyed -

    1. The forefathers may visit the home in any form or format. Therefore make it a point to not to insult, ridicule or unwelcome any guest who may arrive during the period.
    2. Feed foodgrains and water to the birds and animals. The forefathers get solace, satisfaction and contentedness by such activities
    3. During the Shraddha period, one should observe abstinence and refrain from eating non-vegetarian items.
    4. New clothes should not be worn during this period.
    5. No harm should be caused to animals like cows, dogs and cats etc.
    6. Brahmins should be feasted during the period and it is expected that the brahmins will not take other food during the day after taking such feasts.
    7. During the period only black sesame seeds should be used in rituals. White or red sesame seeds should not be used.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I read one interesting information related to Mahalaya Paksha, in facebook and I wish to share the same here.
    Found this interesting

    The story behind it

    All of you are aware that Mahalaya paksha will start from 17th sep this year.

    Am just sharing the reason and story behind it

    Karna the great warrior after getting killed in Mahabharata war was received with honors at Heaven by Yama. He said you can enjoy the Heaven as you have done great penance in the birth.
    Karna was happy and was enjoying the stint. After sometime he felt hungry and asked inmates where food is served. Heavenly abodes were taken by shock and informed that in Heaven you don't feel hungry and no food is needed for them. The deva guru Brihaspathi watching this went into deep meditation and asked Karna to lick his index finger. Karna did the same and hunger was gone. Karna was totally surprised and asked the reason.
    Guru explained "Karna in your birth you were a "giver" and have done all charity to needed. But you were not inclined to Anna dhaana which is foremost and that is the reason you felt hungry in Heaven.
    Karna asked "then how the same had gone when I licked my index finger?"
    Guru explained "once a poor Brahmin came and asked food at your house. Since you generally don't do Anna Dhaana you refused but pointed out through your index finger a place where Anna Dhaanam was done. The Brahmin went there and had his food and got his hunger quenched. That 'Punya" was lying in your finger and hence you could feel the hunger had gone from you"!
    Karna was in tears. He ran to Yama and pleaded for mortal form for one Paksha (fortnight). Yama asked him the reason and Karna said he wanted to do only Anna Dhaana in this Paksha. Yama was moved and granted him the same.
    Karna came to Earth and did Anna Dhaana in a place where nobody could identify him. He was so happy that this time was spent for a great cause.
    After a fortnight Yama came back and asked Karna to renounce the mortal body. Karna happily agreed.
    Yama felt moved by his gesture and said "anybody would have asked more time to stay in Earth and enjoy pleasures here. But you kept up your words and did exactly for what your mortal body was granted. Please ask a boon which will be granted"
    Karna said "Lord many people in Earth would have forgotten to feed their ancestors or anyone. Therefore if in this Paksha anyone offering food should reach the ancestors or souls who were deprived of offspring to do Karma for them"
    Yama happily granted the same and took Karna to Heaven.
    Yama said "anybody offering food in this Paksha is blessed and will also reach those who were not fortunate to be fed in Earth and Heaven"

    Therefore please offer food in this Paksha the blessings of which will hold good for 21 generations

    Stay blessed
    (Applicable for those who are having rights to do Pitru Karma)

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