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    Where would you travel back in a time machine? - post your creative responses here

    Ever thought of where back in time you would wander in a time machine? Let your fantasies roam free in this creative forum thread!

    When it comes to fantasy, I always tend to wade in the river of fascinations. No matter how much we perceive our life to the extent of practicality, whenever our mind get the slightest touch of fantasy, we could never ignore ourselves to embrace it's fascination. One fantasy I am discussing in this thread where you get a time machine to travel in the past to whatever event or place you wish to visit.

    The time that I would visit would be when Marilyn Monroe did that popular magazine pose which made her the women of fantasy for the whole world.

    What would be your time fantasy? Let's start the machine.....
    Cash credits will be allocated to creative responses (one response only per member) submitted within 7 days of the posting date of this thread. Give the reason too while stating the era/event you would like to be part of.
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    I would like to enter the time slot during which the Taj Mahal was under construction at Agra and the way the architects and labors were working. During those days there were no universities or institutions of architecture and people used to work based on their individual visualisations and imaginations. There were no drawing boards and draftsmen either. There were no towering cranes to lift the material to the higher floors and no computers for simulating designs.

    The Taj Mahal said to be the most beautiful building on the earth was constructed despite said constraints. Kilometers long ramps were constructed to take the materials at elevated heights. The size of letters of Arabic verses engraved on the upper portion of the main gate was designed larger so that from viewing while standing at the ground level, the sizes of all letters look equal.

    However, I would like to flee from the site, when the hands of the artisans were severed with a view to ensure that they are not able to repeat their feat elsewhere.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I wish to go back to the time of Harappa and Mohenjodaro civilisation. I read a lot about this too civilisation during my school time where in books it was mentioned that at time towns planing was so good. Still research are going on about this two civilisation so how about being in that civilisation and experiencing things that how it all started. What is real truth . How was management at that time. And where people didn't have so much equipment and currency was not in use as people used barter system. Definitely if I get chance will like to experience Harappa and Mohenjodaro civilisation.

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    I have been pondering over the question since the time I have read the famous story 'Time Machine' by H.G. Wells during my school days. Sometime I want to go back to the early Aryan civilisation to understand how India reached at incredible heights in Philosophy, Literature, Science and Mathematics. Sometime I want to travel to the medieval period to know how people managed to reach the nadir in various aspects of civilisation. Sometime I want to go back to my father's time in our ancestral place to have a feel of that bygone era.
    And above all, I want to go back to my own childhood, again enjoy those carefree days and rectify the mistakes which I made during those days!

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    I want to enter the time machine and reach the great character of Karna in Mahabharat. He was the great warrior and even better than the Arjun. Just because he has been designated as the son of a washerman, he got disrespect from the Pandavas and got a boost from the Kauravas. I always felt pity for this character and in my life I always yearned to visit this great Mahan. The greatness of this warrior that even during the Mahabharath war, Lord Krishna tests his greatness of donation by seeking alms even when he was about to die by the cowardly act of both Krishna and Arjun. Then also he gives his Kavacha Kundalam torn from his body and thus proved to be the greatest donor in the history. After removing the Kavach from his body, Arjun was able to attack him with arrows and mind it Karna was helpless when Arjun attacked. So I would like to wish him for his greatness.
    K Mohan
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    I may sound negative, but if I had access to a time machine, I would teleport myself to the day when they had invented the time machine. I would ensure that I demolish the machine and burn all traces of it. Research papers, videos, books, whatever it takes, I will reaffirm that all memory leading to the invention of the time machine is erased. I would even try to make people realize the negative effects of time travelling to the past; that there is no absolute need for such a machine.
    Now why would I do such an heinous act ?
    Well, think of all the problems that would arise if some mischief monger or a highly intelligent criminal, got hold of the time machine and decides to manipulate history for solely his evil benefit? The consequences would be disastrous. The reassurances made by the time portal authorities in future would prove useless if someone gets the better of their security measures. In the right hands, I do agree we can foresee diseases and wars and somehow prevent them. But the potential negative effects if the machine gets in the wrong hands is too high. So I would ensure that I completely erase the presence of such a machine from our history.

    Now, if I cannot manipulate the events in time ( which could create paradoxes like Grandfather paradox ) , I would surely love to put on Harry Potter's invisible cloak and teleport to the time when my parents were just kids. I really want to see if they were really apple of their parents' eye and disciplined as they constantly claim to be.

    Let's see the world from different perspectives

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    If I were given a chance to visit in past, I would prefer to go in the golden period of Indian History that is the period of Gupta Dynasty. That was the period, India was flourishing in all fields. Be it politics, economy, trade, art, culture, science, literature, any area of our imagination and India was number one in the world. That period always fascinated me whenever I went through it whether in story or movie. Men working in field with colourful turbans, driving bullock cart, women working in houses in traditional dresses, lighting the house with fire, big temples, Vedic verses chanting in the morning, evening filled with the music of the bell tied to the cattle, all these sceneries really mesmerising me since childhood. The real character of Bharat which was at the apex of helm. In due course of time with the attack of different invaders, India lost its glory and downgrading of social values started.
    My dream to be the citizen of number one country of world will be fulfilled. Whenever I see India at that position, it thrills me. I feel myself in a commanding position, when I associate myself with the best in the world.
    Secondly, I want to be there to see the prosperity of India with naked eyes and feel it myself. I want to observe the behaviour, culture of that era and analyse what all is required to be at top. Gurukul way of schooling, social values so high that even war used to have certain humanistic approach and enemies were not killed after surrendering. All the fields of human life that is Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha were explored.
    To be there will certainly enable me to analyse the traits of both the ruler and the ruled required for the people of country so that the country will prosper in all fields.

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    I hope, the time machine has "read-only' capacity and not having 'edit' facility. Otherwise, what is said in #579240 had to be resorted to.

    I want a permanent passport to travel in the machine whenever I wish. Then only I can verify or compare the big -big claims and statements our politicians make from time to time. I would like to see what our leaders said about a subject or person then and later now. How they acted or responded on a matter when they were opposition and when they were ruling party.

    Right now, I want to visit the Parliamentary proceedings when BJP was in opposition and UPA was ruling, to see what BJP and Congress said on GST, Kashmir, Aadhar Card, Fuel Price, Railways fare etc.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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    As I am an emerging engineer, I would like to go to the past of Mughal Period. This period is known for its famous architectural buildings and monuments. I would prefer to go in the time when Shah Jahan ascended the throne in Mughal empire. I will learn how the huge monuments were made without having access to cranes, machines, etc. Also, I wil try to find out how these accurate calculations of architect were made during construction of buildings without having any kind of electronic devices. Luckily, I will be able to see Mumtaz Mahal whose beauty fascinated Shah Jahan to construct such a beautiful architecture. That was a golden period of India, and I would definitely like to go in that time.
    With regards,
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    If I had access to time machine, I would have travelled to the time period in which the kings were ruling our country, the first empire I would visit is Vijayanagara the capital of Sri Krishna Devaraya's Kingdom. I would visit the king and introduce myself as a representative of modern world. I wonder they will see me as a alien in first sight. As a representative of this modern world, I would narrate to him about this modern world and how majority of our country people are living in poverty.

    I'm sure the king will feel pity about this.
    King: What is the solution to this?

    Me:Your Highness, I walked though your city roads were people were buying diamonds in kilograms, I do really appreciate your prosperity but I had also seen your roads that were made of mud but will eventually be hard to walk in rainy seasons and very dark in night. I Had also seen your well architectured castle but it will eventually be dark and will be less secure with fired oil lamps. I saw your battle guns made of stones which will be in effective when many kingdoms attack you at once. Like wise your Kingdom that seems prosperous has many problems to fight with.

    King: We both seem to have problems that were to be solved. Then what can we do to overcome these problems?

    Me: Sir, Let's establish a trade between modern India and Ancient India.

    Modern India is self sufficient and growing with scientific technology. I would bring you this technology and pave roads for you with asphalt, that connects major cities making your trade links stronger with these strong roads.

    I would build an power generating station for you that lights your streets and Castle in dark. I would introduce electric public vehicles for transport of men,material. Modern battle tanks will be deployed for your survival in war.

    Like wise we offer you complete technology solutions for your problems and in return please offer your abundant valuable diamonds and gold.

    King: Wow that's a great idea. Let's trade to fight our problems.

    I would soon start trading with the ancient kingdoms by transporting the technology, modern vehicles and machinery with the help of the time machine I had and return with several diamonds and gold in India, making our country prosperous until I see every poor person rich and happy.

    Venkat Satish Mamidisetti,
    Electrical Engineer.

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    If I have an opportunity to enter the time machine, I would like to go to "Rama-Raj" in the ancient history. I would also like to grow up as a subject( Praja) to see the incredible Rama-Raj, the culture of that time, the honesty, the discipline and the feeling of brotherhood among the people. The value system I would like to adopt. As I am the student of public administration so I would like to study and learn the Rama-Raj administration so that I can publish the research papers on that for the benefit of our politicians and administrators. Perhaps these people will take a lesson from Rama-Raj and try to bring Rama-Raj on this earth in this era. I want to be a soldier in Rama's sena to fight the war against the Ravana. While fighting I would like to see all the characters of Ramayan. I would like to meet Veer Hanuman and Mata Sita.
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