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    What is the average income from Google Adsense earnings?

    Eager to know what is the approximate average income you can get from Google AdSense? Check out the personal AdSense earning feedback of members of this site.

    I saw on this website everywhere about Google Adsense share. I have also gone through articles regarding this. But I want to know how much on an average income our members are getting from Adsense . Kindly do share share your personal experience regarding this. As yet, I'm a bronze member so I cannot have my own Google Adsense account. So I want to know from our members' experience. Also, does a member get more income from this site side more or from Google Adsense more? Thanks in advance.
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    I join the author in expressing my eagerness to know about the average income from the google AdSense account.

    As far as my personal experience is concerned, it has not been very encouraging. Despite having completed about 500 days with ISC, total AdSense earning may be around 30 or 40 dollars only. As a matter of fact, of late, I have stopped visiting the page frequently to check the balance. However, it may be due to my personal failure of not being able to create contents having a potential to attract traffic or clicks on my contents.

    The author need not feel disappointed and as far as I came to know about the experiences of few other authors, they are earning much better though the exact figures only they can share.

    I would suggest the author to take necessary action to ensure that her AdSense account is approved at the earliest possible. All the best to her.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Thanx sir for response. But for getting Google Adsense account there is so many conditions and it might take some time to fulfill those conditions. And writing articles and getting it reviewed might take some time to get her points .

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    Google AdSense is one of the largest Internet affiliate programs in the world. Many candidates with AdSense account earns more than $500 in a month also. To earn more from Google AdSense one need to post good, healthy, up to dated, search engine optimized articles regularly in a site. However getting an AdSense account nowadays is so difficult as you need to proof yourself as good writer. ISC is a good platform where you can get activate easily an account by posting good and quality articles here. Earning is unlimited in Google and ISC.
    Naresh Kumar
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    Thank you so much sir for your valuable reply. I'm new to this site so wanted to know how this works. will try to write good content and proper article.

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    While I am not clear whether the author wishes to know about the AdSense earning performance within this site or in general, I guess the rule should be the same - Create quality content which has potential to attract traffic.

    However, the performance of my AdSense earning has not been impressive so far. It has been near-about an year since I got my AdSense approved, but majority of the earnings that it makes are from some of my abandoned blogs which no longer get updated by me. After about an year, I am yet to reach my minimum payout threshold of 100$, but I guess my income is gradually increasing month by month.

    Doing the calculations for you, the one who is not making 100$ in an year, is earning less than 8$ every month on average..

    I suggest the author to kindly stick with contributing content in IndiaStudyChannel, The reason why I could not earn enough from ISC may have been that I have not contributed as many articles here. Even my SEO is limited to its basic applications and my limited understanding. Mostly, my internet connection remains too slow to make use of better keyword research tools. While they should not be used excessively, a smarter use of the in optimizing your content may bring more traffic from search engines, which is good for our overall earning.

    Take it this way... I am a good example - Even after my limited contribution to ISC, I am continuously earning several dollars every month. This makes it clear that the one who contributes more content in Article section really has stronger chances to earn much more and much faster.

    Ank Arya

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    Well there cannot be permanent and definite yard stick to reveal the adsense earnings from the Google. But one thing is sure , those who have the knack to write contents with user friendly words, surely their articles are going to be highlighted and get good page hits and that would fetch them the income from Google adsense. Here the interest of the members counts. Some have joined here for name and fame, some joined here for mere learning process. In that case they may not interested to share more contents and thus their earnings would be less. For me I am going to complete 7 years in this site, and my third cheque for adsense 100 dollars is going to materialize. But I also getting regular income through ISC revenue share bonus. So far I have earned roughly 45,000 as RSB and 10,000 from adsense in 7 years. And all the income coming through forum section.
    K Mohan
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    It is a bit difficult to know the average earnings from Google Adsense because not everyone here is proficient or unique writer. To get maximum earnings one really need to bring the content out of the box. Just simply writing on regular subject or which are already written numbers of time, will not fetch you revenue. However, you need not get discourage. A genuine writer can write unique content even on regular subject which is not written so far. For that you really need to have some experience on writing before you go all out to give your hard work on to becoming a writer.

    Remember, writing is an art and you should know the way to write a content which will attract your readers.

    My simple suggestion to author that don't run behind the earning right now. Give some time to this site, read others styles of writing and creater your own style, different from other.

    To get help from Google Adsense, if you go to 'help' in your adsense account, you will get so many suggestions / articles about how you can improve your earnings.

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    It is little bit difficult to earn good amount of money from Google adsense, to earn a good amount you need to be cleaver to know, what is the need of the time and what other likes to read or see, because more the traffic the more you will earn, I personally never ever earned from google adsense, but I have read in the internet that their are people who earn 25$ in a month, so I personally suggest you to read the biography of that person who earn a very decent amount from Google adsense, it will help you to know, what they do for earning a good amount from google adsense.
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    Dear Anju sharma, as a new member I respect your eagerness to know about adsense earnings.
    Adsense is one of the best method to earn huge money. but it needs huge expertise for writing good content, good key words, good videos, good images etc and which should be unique and should attract visitors to read, views etc.
    I am not sure about the average earning on monthly, but I have earned only 4 cents in one month, but do not get disappoint as we are having many members who are earning 100 usd also per month because of tehir active and quality post content here.
    If you compare among ISc and adsense regarding the income part then obviously adsense is better but until unless you participate and post good quality and unique content here you can not get benefits from adsense.

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    "More you contribute, more you earn Adsense revenue." Also, "If you contribute your best, most ads placed on it get clicked to earn your share." Of course, we cannot expect a huge sum as Adsense revenue share. To be frank, My approx Google Adsense Revenue share earning is Rs. 7/- per day. Whereas my ISC cash earning is Rs. 14/- (approx)per day.

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    Anju Sharma,
    Adsense earnings are purely based on how much traffic you get for your contents. It is possible that $1 for 1000 page views. However, it is not sure that you will definitely get $1 for every 1000 views. Earnings may fluctuate above or below. So you can estimate that you can able to get $10 approximately if your contents fetch 10000 page views in a day. The hard part is how you are going to achieve this much traffic. In ISC, article section is the best section to attract traffic. It seems earning good adsense revenue is hard, no matter where you are contributing whether ISC or your own blogs, but not impossible. I wish you to try your best towards adsense and happy earnings!

    Thanks & Regards,
    Editor - Forum, Ask Experts.

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    I have no Adsense account and I have no idea how much time it will take to get one. As of now I don't possess great writing skills as well . I'm in my learning phase . I'm doing job so don't know how much time I can provide. But I saw so many articles about Adsense so I got curious to know. Thanx for reply.

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    Just now checked my AdSense earning after more than 2 months. It is simply laughable! My accumulated earning is USD 3.81!
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