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    Significance of Onam - a festival of faith in Kerala

    Want to know the mythological legend behind Onam celebrations? Get a peep into the beautiful legend of Mahabali and learn why Onam is celebrated in a grand manner in Kerala and other parts of India.

    Onam is a fabulous festival of Kerala. Here in a different version it is good to think about the faith factor of King in God.

    The myth says that, Mahabali, a legendary king of Kerala use to visit Kerala to see his kingdom. Mahabali was a glorious ruler and during his reign there was no poverty, no crime and no cheating. The subjects were happy to live in prosperity. As the prosperity was going to its peak, Maha Vishnu disguised as a dwarf named Vamanan and tested his faith in God.

    He asked Mahabali for a three yards of space to live in and the generous King granted the same. Soon the Vamanan transformed to his original form as Vishnu and within two steps he measured the whole cosmos and there was no other space for the third step. To keep his word, King Mahabali bowed down his head to Vamanan and he put his head on Mahabali and sent him to "Pathala". But the beloved devotee of MahaVishnu was joyous to see Maha Vishunu and asked for a boon. The boon was to give him a chance to visit Kerala from "Pathala" once in a year. Lord Vishnu granted the same.

    Onam is thus celebrated to welcome Mahabali to Kerala. It is a festival of harvest. It is a festive season with all forms of arts from Kerala as well as incorporates the sharing of love and happiness to remember Mahabali. More than that, it is a testing of faith in God, who is to be remembered in these moments for a self analysis.
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    Onam celebrations began in India on September 14 during the year 2016. The festival is celebrated over a period of 10 days and each day has its own importance and significance. The different dates of the festival Onam are celebrated as follows -

    1. Atham
    2. Chithira
    3. Chodhi
    4. Vishakam
    5. Anizham
    6. Thriketa
    7. Moolam
    8. Pooradam
    9. Uthradom
    10. Thiruvonam

    Though Onam is not celebrated in Uttar Pradesh, but I personally like the Pookkalam and Onam Sadya part of it particularly.

    I avail this opportunity to wish a very happy Onam to all ISCians as well as others.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Since 3 years I'm in chennai and I celebrate in office as most of office mate's are Malayali. I never need the story behind celebrating Noam. But it's great to know.

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